Designing a bathroom can be stressful enough and when space is limited, it becomes even more of a challenge. A major revamp would allow you to remove everything and start from scratch and in order to help you, here are a few tips on designing a limited space bathroom.

  • Stick with light colours – Light shades definitely open up a room and colour combinations such as beige-cream, blue-salmon pink and green-amber, will brighten and add a feeling of space to the room. Google Images can bring you some bathroom colour inspiration and paint can be mixed to any colour.
  • Think minimalistic – A simple, minimalist look is perfect for a small space; the fewer the items, the less distraction and longer lines add to the spaciousness, with elegant bathroom tapware and marble tops to complete the look. Buying bathroom furniture and fittings from an online supplier is going to save you money and if you have the DIY skills, a self-renovation will save you a bundle on skilled labour costs.
  • Bespoke storage – Having bathroom cabinets made to measure will use every square inch of space, especially in the recesses. Narrow units help to keep the proportions even and with a few small shelves in place, you have all the storage space you need. A local joiner is the ideal person to contact regarding custom cabinets and shelves and he would be happy to take a look and offer design suggestions. If you are looking to buy outdoor kitchen equipment, click here.
  • Clever use of mirrors – While you obviously want at least one mirrored surface, careful placing of multiple mirrors will make the room look larger than it actually is. You could fix a medicine cabinet to the wall and have mirrored doors, along with a wall mirror that reflects this light.
  • Bathtub – If you can do without a bathtub, this will reclaim a lot of space, but if you insist on being able to soak, a stand-alone oval ceramic is the best choice, with perhaps some decorative aggregate around the tub. Search online for bathroom showrooms near you and spend a morning looking at what they have and you might get lucky, as they have special bathroom suites on special. 
  • Vanity float – Attaching the vanity to the wall increases your available floor space and that is welcome when you have a small bathroom. Visit your local bathroom showroom and browse the many units they have on show; if you need help with the installation, they would have a team of bathroom installers who can handle the entire project.
  • Consider a corner sink – This could save you a little in terms of available space, with a splash top on either side and a single tap. Measure up your corner and you may have to have a bit of plumbing done to hook up the water and waste.

Home improvements are popular this year, as multiple lockdowns enabled homeowners to design a few DIY projects. Here is some information on home improvement initiatives from the Australian government.


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