Well-being is often associated with longevity and healthier life. It is believed well-being is greatly determined by where you reside and your surroundings. The altitude, temperatures, air quality, access to amenities, exposure to nature, community and several other factors play a role in your growth and holistic development. Which place suits you the best is a subjective matter. Here, however, we shall talk about Markham, which has something to offer for every individual out there. 

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Nestled in the southern region of Ontario; Markham the delightful city has so much to give. It has recently emerged as a coveted location to settle in due to several reasons; for instance – thousands of tech companies and industries, low crime rate, access to all the modern amenities, rich recreational opportunities and so on. 

If you are here; you already must have given a thought to living in Markham. However, if you are stuck in a dilemma and can’t find enough reasons to do so; by the end of the article, we are sure you will! 

So; without delay; Let’s dive into the world of Markham and get acquainted with the advantages that it offers. 

1] Markham Real Estate

When you think about living in any place; real estate is the primary area of concern. Markham offers you a wide range of options, including townhouses, condominiums, condo townhouses, freehold townhouses, and semi-detached and detached homes. Houses for sale in Markham are mildly pricey but once you consider everything that Markham offers; it is definitely worth it. The average price is somewhere around $931,000; although, if you look hard enough you will most definitely find a house that is pocket-friendly. For this, however, you will need the assistance of an experienced realtor who knows the area inside-out, thereby helping you find a house that suits your needs, budget and time constraints. 

2] Convenient Commute 

Markham is renowned for the easy commute that it offers. It is a well-connected city that facilitates smooth and swift transit anywhere in York Region and the GTA. The infrastructure is developed enough to endure every form of travel. Markham being located away from the prime areas compensates for the distance through bike lanes and highways that allow easy travel. If you need to travel to Toronto or anywhere else for work or leisure, rest assured your commute will be time-efficient and highly convenient.

3] High-tech Capital Hub

If something makes Markham truly stand out and shine bright; it is the thousands of tech companies that this region hosts. The tech companies generate numerous employment opportunities for residents; so, they never really have to leave the city. The residents can actually reach their work within a walking distance! Dreamy, isn’t it? Therefore, if you are someone looking for a promising start to a new life, Markham can offer it to you with excessive convenience.

4] Stellar Education

If you are starting a family in Markham, the education of your child must be one of your major concerns. You could also be a student looking for further education in the GTA.  Since Markham is a small city located outside the central areas of the GTA; it only makes sense to assume that the education facilities might lag behind. But you are wrong! Markham has excellent public, private and catholic institutes. Additionally, it also has options for French immersion schools. A staggering development which has been long-awaited- The Markham Centre Campus is also under-way. So, stop worrying about education facilities in Markham; it has more than what you can imagine! 

5] Safe & Family-Friendly

Crimes are a routine occurrence in Toronto; which pulls people back when they want to relocate. Markham has a very low crime rate and is believed to be 86% safer than other cities in Canada. The chance that you will witness criminal activity in Markham is 30% lower than the Canadian average. The figures suffice to conclude that Markham is a safe place to live. 

Markham also has the most diverse community with 72.3 percent of the population being non-Canadian. So, if you are a foreigner, you don’t really have to be concerned about fitting in. Markham is very welcoming and hospitable! 

6] Recreational Facilities

Post the Pandemic, people have realized the true importance of recreation and green open spaces; which makes Markham even more desirable. Markham offers abundant recreational facilities from swimming in the scorching summers to ice-skating in the chilling winters. You can have easy access to extensive natural spaces that incorporate ponds, parks etc. You can play golf, experience mind-blowing theater, be a part of the Markham fair and have the time of your life! 

7] Shopping & Dining 

If you are a shopaholic or a foodie, you are truly going to enjoy living in Markham. You can feast on a never-ending variety of scrumptious menus and find the latest boutiques and fashion stores right within the city limits! 

Striking the perfect balance between new and old; Markham makes your life as beautiful as it can be. Even with its drawbacks; it is a remarkable place! So don’t wait further, go live the phenomenal life that Markham offers! 

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