When you are a homeowner and looking to improve the look and feel of a room, one ping pong table top can transform it instantly. There are many ways that you can add a ping pong table to any room in your home where you are entertained.  You can add a ping pong table to your home and still maintain the beauty and style of your interior décor.

At the same time, there are many benefits to having a ping pong table in your home, from health benefits to social benefits that improve your quality of life. Learn more about how easy one is to install so that you can enjoy the many benefits of transforming a room in your home with a ping pong table.  

Benefits of Having a Ping Pong Table at Home

There are many benefits to having a ping pong table at home. The health benefits are numerous as it keeps the body moving. 

At home, it is an ideal choice for the family to participate in on days when they can’t get outside and put their gross motor skills into action. At the same time, it takes children away from screen time and allows for brain exercise coupled with cardiovascular exercise indoors.

It is estimated that when you play ping pong with hearty energy you can burn as many as 200 calories per hour, depending on your style of play. Although it may not feel like you are running laps when you do it, in a way, you are, as you jump back and forth between plays to keep the ball moving. There are more gross motor skills in play here than you may think, and you are also improving your hand-eye coordination and small motor skill development here as well.

Ping pong is a gentle sport that is kind to the body, and almost anyone can play. With a table, you can play it anywhere, indoors or out. For homeowners, an indoor table is ideal, as this will require the least amount of maintenance in seasonal conditions. Ping pong is an affordable game to play with a one-time investment that offers endless hours of entertainment, with family, friends, and everyone that you invite into your home.

Transform Any Room in Your Home

A ping pong table can transform any room in your home that is used for entertainment. Like a pool table, it adds an additional activity to a room and offers options for activities that go beyond choosing a movie or a television show. You can add a ping pong table as a piece in the room for recreation, or transform your room to add your ping pong table whenever you want.

This sport, when added to your room, changes the entire look in the same way that a pool table does. It makes a statement that you are a well-rounded family that cares about versatility in activity. 

There are many ping pong tables today that you can add to a room that function just as a pool table does. Some are even convertible. If you already have a pool table, for example, or a large table in your recreational room, you can simply add a tabletop ping pong table over the top of the table, customized to fit, and you have an instant ping pong table. This addition not only transforms a room but makes it instantly more entertaining.

How to Install a Ping Pong Table

It is easier to install a ping pong table than you may think. There are many options for styles of ping pong tables that make it so simple. Some ping pong tables can be purchased as a simple tabletop that you put right over an existing table you already have in your home. These are the easiest ping pong tables to install, and just need to be unfolded or laid right on top of the existing table.

Other ping pong tables will need to be put together like any other piece of furniture. These will often come with owner’s manuals, or you can hire someone to put it together for you. 

Installation here typically involves attaching all brackets to the table’s legs and then attaching the legs to the tabletop. You’ll only need to install the netting onto the table after that. If you are installing a ping pong table this way, you will need to invest in simple and basic tools, with a good set of screwdrivers being your handiest tool here. An electric screwdriver will help as well.

Install a Ping Pong Table Today

When you are looking to add ambiance and entertainment to a room to transform it at home, a ping pong table is an excellent choice. A table such as this offers many benefits to a home and the family in it. In addition to offering health benefits, it offers social and entertainment value that no other addition to the home will. Install a ping pong table at home and transform a room today.

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