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Are you planning to replace your windows soon? Then you can choose from various types of replacement window styles – an awning window is a window replacement style that you can consider. They’re stylish and conventional. And there are lots of energy-saving and aesthetic options that you can decide to choose from. Yet, the question is, are they the most appropriate window type for your house?

An awning window opens by swinging it out from the hinges placed at the upper part of the window. They’re most suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, yet with their flexible sizes, they can be installed in any room that needs horizontal and vertical orientation.

Overall, if you want help deciding whether to choose awning windows as your preferred window replacement for your home, then continue reading this post which will tackle some of its pros and cons.

Worker installing plastic window indoors, closeup view

Worker installing plastic window indoors, closeup view

Pros Of Awning Windows

Awning windows are a window type known for their many benefits. Here are some advantages of installing awning windows:

1. They’re Energy Efficient

Windows can have a significant influence on the energy usage of a home. Likewise, people want windows that significantly secure their house from external elements. If that’s your goal, too, then know that one of the most preferred advantages of having an awning window is its capability to enhance the energy efficiency of one’s house.

The reason why awning windows are energy-efficient is that they can be produced in either double or triple panes with ultra-insulative argon gas amidst the panes. The glass also makes use of low E-glass, which is the most energy-efficient kind of glass that exists.

Overall, if you’re in the process of choosing window designs, then you can check this gallery from Marvin Windows or others online.

2. They Promote Better Ventilation

The reason that awning windows can be placed higher in the walls compared to other windows allows them to be suitable for ventilation. When they’re installed high on the wall, the window assists in offering ventilation and natural light without giving away one’s privacy.

Likewise, installing this window high on the wall gives way to maximum wall usage for other design aspects such as furniture and art placement. Yet, consider the design of your home and other things such as the ceiling height when deciding on the right awning window.

3. Awning Windows Are Versatile

One of the ideal advantages of having awning windows as your chosen window replacement is versatility. They come in different materials, finishing, and sizes. You can decide if you need an aluminum awning window, vinyl fiberglass, or other varieties you can find on the market.

Indeed, awning windows’ versatility helps from a customization and design standpoint. The design can be remarkably flexible, allowing designers to offer unique decorations that wouldn’t otherwise fit with a standardized size or formatted window.

Cons Of Awning Windows

Although they offer a number of perks, there are certain drawbacks to using awning windows that are usually not discussed in common beliefs of changing windows. Some of them include:

1. They’re Not Ideal For Emergency Exit

The caveat on having awning windows is that it can be hard to use them in times of emergency exit. If a fire occurs in the house, they don’t provide an immediate and secure exit due to how it opens. 

Another valid reason why awning windows aren’t ideal for emergency exits is that they’re usually installed higher up on the wall. And so, you might have to find ways to reach it at that height.

Henceforth, it’s good to be informed of the local safety regulations regarding fire escape routes if you’re thinking of adding this window into your house. Plus, if you’re planning to install this window in your room, you should ensure that you install another type of window specifically designed for emergency exits.

2. Awning Windows May Cause Accidental Hazards

Limit yourself from placing an awning window where the space is heavily traversed by people outside. The reason is that folks traveling hastily or children playing or running are at risk of hitting this window. This is because such windows aren’t hard to overlook, mainly when it’s installed in a new location or in the scenario where individuals aren’t used to this type of window.

Know that areas where you should limit the installation of awning windows would be areas such as the balcony, verandah, footpath, decking, and the like in your property. 

3. They Can Cause Issues With Cleaning

Because of its clever design, awning windows usually attract dirt more than any other window type since they’re exposed to rain that leaves marks on them that are more noticeable compared to other windows that don’t open outwardly.

Moreover, it can be very irritating, mainly when installed in storied buildings. One has to use force to wash and dust this window. As such, most people tend to finish cleaning it inappropriately.


Awning windows are among the different types of windows that you can consider installing in your house. But before you decide whether these windows can be the best choice for you, you should know their pros and cons. It’s advised that you consider the pieces of information above as your reference in making an informed decision of whether you’ll go with awning windows are not.

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