Electric incandescent light bulb street lamps glow brightly in the night park

Decent garden party lighting ideas are ideal for giving any celebration some extra sparkle. So, if you’re looking to throw the ultimate event to remember, keep reading for 6 outdoor party décor tips. 

1. Colourful lanterns 

Chinese-style lanterns work to bring a party atmosphere effectively and quickly to any garden. And not only do lanterns with flame-effect LED bulbs look amazing, they’re also solar powered so they’re very low maintenance. 

When suspended alongside a variety of other colours, they fill vertical space with lots of light and vibrant colours. Combined with tea lights dotted around the garden, you can really create an airy party atmosphere. 

2. Overhead string lights 

Adding ornamental lights above or around a garden space will give the space a warm glow for more casual parties. 

Many decorating and lighting experts recommend draping pendant ceiling lights by Pagazzi along fences or above an outdoor dining table to add just a touch of light. 

3. Hire a big tent or marquee 

If you want to throw the ultimate outdoor event of the season, you’re going to need some kind of coverage – unless you’re lucky enough to live in a rain-free climate. Not only do tents protect against bad weather and heat, but they’re a lot of fun to decorate, too. 

Adorn the walls and ceilings with lights, garlands and greenery to give the outdoor space a celebratory vibe. 

4. Make the table the focal point 

Things like garden plants and terracotta pots make for a pretty centrepiece when lined along the length of a table. Using taller items like pots filled with floral plants or cake stands full of special treats to give the table arrangement some extra height. 

If this doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, consider using the space above the table for decoration and stringing paper-made pom poms to add an extra pop of colour. 

Alternatively, real or battery-operated candles are ideal for creating a calm ambience. 

5. LED garden lighting 

LEDs offer lower power consumption than traditional bulbs, and substantially higher light emission. Therefore, they’re an ideal option for pairing with solar technology due to their low power consumption, which can add hours of use time. These lights far outlast other types of bulbs. 

This type of lighting can be used in many formats and range from rope lights to spotlights and more.  

6. Tree lighting 

Nothing screams party more than a tree lit up in the dark – there’s no need to wait for Christmas! 

The simplest and most effective way to achieve this is to wind strings of fairy lights around branches and then left to dangle down. Whether your party is in the winter or the summer, you can benefit from this style of lighting. It can light up the green canopy during the summer months and bring some interest in winter after the leaves have all fallen. 

So, there you have it – 6 outdoor party decor tips for throwing the ultimate alfresco event. As you can see, there are a range of options available, so whatever you have in mind for your party, you can create it with just a little bit of creative thinking. 

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