If you have seen the classic farmhouse-style kitchen, chances are you will fall in love with it! Even though the design and pattern are a thing of the past, you can always give an interesting modern-day spin and keep the traditional elements alike. Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen space? If yes, you can give this kitchen décor style a try. 

Understanding the farmhouse style kitchen décor

When you take a look at the classic farmhouse kitchen theme, you will realize that it evokes elements of coziness and warmth. It projects a delicate, classic vibe and still is not unapproachable or fussy. Usually, this type of kitchen is called the country kitchen. Almost all the farmhouse kitchen décor themes highlight comfort. Some of the common materials and colors used for this kitchen décor style include:

  • Wrought iron
  • Reclaimed and natural wood
  • Glass and wire
  • Soapstone and marble

Apart from such materials, the majority of farmhouse kitchens make use of a set of standard textures and colors, like:

  • The chenille, cotton, wool, and canvas
  • The warm colors that get used with accent pieces
  • The cool neutrals such as grey, white, beige, and cream

You should know that a farmhouse kitchen is all about comfort. Hence, every décor element here needs to be very welcoming. If you want your kitchen space to be relaxing and welcoming, you need to stick with the above materials and colors. You should, at all costs, stay away from over cluttering your kitchen space. That will take away from its rustic feel and vibe. If there is anything that you feel you need to eliminate, go ahead and do it. 

Decorating your kitchen in the farmhouse décor

Based on the design and condition of the current space, the ideal way to change the kitchen space in the farmhouse style is to opt in for a complete kitchen makeover. You can choose the design-build approach for the remodeling as it will prove cost-effective and will provide the best outcome. Some of the best ideas to incorporate here include the following:

1. You should brighten the space using humble hardware and white cabinets

When you install new cabinets or get them painted into crème, white, or beige, it will give the kitchen a vibrant look. Several homeowners opt-in for milk paint, waterproof paint, and non-toxic paint, which can create a rather distinctive finish that appears good on the farmhouse kitchen. Using non-flashy hardware for your cabinetry is also a good practice. If you want, you can choose the antique and brushed hardware finishes as it brings a warm and welcoming feel, similar to the farmhouse kitchen. 

2. You can say yes to a farmhouse sink

Over the past decade, you will find ample options in the farmhouse sinks that have been making rounds in the home décor section. At times, it gets known as the “apron sink .”It is a versatile style that looks stunning. The farmhouse sink is deep and wide, making it highly functional. The farmhouse sink doesn’t just hold several dishes at a single time, but its depth and size make it easier to clean during mealtime. Hence, it has become very popular amongst homeowners. If you feel like getting home this sink, you can try a farm kitchen sink from Kraus

3. You can use marble, wood, and soapstone countertops for adding a bit of class

These are some of the best countertop materials, and it appears excellent when you decorate the kitchen in the farmhouse style. The wooden countertops, which are called the butcher block countertops, are usually the best option. Wood is an essential material when you choose to execute a farmhouse-style kitchen. It is also reasonably priced, low-maintenance, and highly convenient. 

4. Glass-front cabinets and open shelving

When you add an exposed plate rack, open shelving, and glass-front cabinetry, you can add the distinct farmhouse style to your kitchen space. You can use this style to showcase the best kitchenware accents and dishes you have. Most people love this idea because it enables them to showcase their white dishes. You can also come up with a new-age and minimalist feeling in this style that is highly approachable and functional. 

5. A big kitchen table and an island which will give a sense of community

Do you have a room in the kitchen to install an island? If yes, you should go ahead with this feature. Even though it is not a typical farmhouse element, it is one of the best ways to bring a sense of warmth and community to the kitchen. If you want to decorate your kitchen in a farmhouse décor theme, you need to select a free-standing style. Here you can say yes to a buffet or a table that will stand on four legs and bring out the classic vintage feeling. 

6. You can add excellent hardwood flooring along with exposed beams

For a farmhouse-style kitchen to look true to its nature, you will have to choose a wood floor. That is the only element that will enable it to project a warm and old-house feeling. The kind of wood that you use, whether it’s walnut, reclaimed, oak, vintage, board, or barn, is entirely up to you. The other element to consider here is the exposed ceiling beams that will add the required conventional style element, adding a perfect farmhouse feeling to your house. Do you have beams on the ceiling? If yes, you shouldn’t cover it up. 

The other crucial feature in the farmhouse kitchen is the banquet-style and big kitchen table. It is a table made of wood, rectangular, and can accommodate as many as eight people. The big table is an excellent focal point in your kitchen, adding a welcoming vibe to your space. 

These are a few of the elements that will enable you to give your kitchen the farmhouse look. Apart from incorporating the ideas listed here, you can also read up more on the farmhouse kitchen, allowing you to add more elements that you find worthy of implementing in your kitchen remodel. 

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