The outdoor season is upon us. The weather is warmer, and you’re daydreaming about what it is you want your outdoor space to be useful for. You can picture it, wonderful gatherings with friends, family, and tasty food. Outdoor kitchens are more popular today than ever. People want to get together but still want to be cautious with Covid. So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your outdoor space, you’re not alone. Let’s look at what you need to know and how much it costs to install a gas line for a BBQ in Canada.

Designing Your New Outdoor Space

The designing and planning phase is important when planning an outdoor living space, especially one you want to use for cooking. You can work with a professional designer you want, but if you are looking for a simpler approach if you can do the measurements and plan yourself.

You want to ensure you measure your outdoor appliances and any distance they need to be away from other outdoor furniture.

People often use canisters or tanks to fuel their BBQs or outdoor kitchens. Still, they’re more difficult to use and less reliable than having a permanent line. If you already use natural gas in your home, then there is no real reason to not use it for your new outdoor space.

Reasons to Choose a Permanent Line Vs. Tanks

Aesthetically the reasoning is clear. A permeate line can be installed without being seen, just like in your home. You’ll be able to create a beautiful outdoor space that you can enjoy for years to come.

An installed line also saves space. Gas tanks are big clunky and awkward. They have to be filled or exchanged for full tanks fairly often, depending on how much you use your outdoor grill. Having a permanent gas line placed instead will save you the space those tanks take up and the effort it takes to keep changing them out.

Never run out of fuel again. Another major downside to using tanks for BBQing is that they aren’t the most reliable for fuel gages. Though some tanks and BBQs can show you what you’re looking at for fuel, that can be hard to translate into a time of grilling. How many times have you run out of gas in the middle of cooking? With a permanent gas line, it will never happen again.

Multiple uses. Gas lines outdoors can have numerous benefits. Not only will it work for a BBQ, but it will work for an outdoor gas stove or burners. It can also be connected to a gas-burning fire pit to make a safe way to have outdoor fires in the summer.

What you Need to Know About Installing Gas Piping

Natural gas is much safer than propane. It doesn’t have the same ability to build up and cause a woosh when ignited. If you’re ready to start spending your weekends cooking and enjoying your time instead of getting propane tanks filled, it’s time to switch to natural gas lines.

First, you’ll need to call your natural gas provider. You’ll want to ask about an outdoor hookup or connection. If your meter can do this, they’ll go from there, and in many cases, they will be happy to install a new meter to sell you more gas. In most cases, this won’t add to the cost.

Once you’ve made your appointment, the contractor will start the project. They’ll turn the gas off at the main, ensuring that any changes don’t cause leaks or problems.

Then they will find the port on the primary gas line, usually located in the basement, to connect a new cable. They’ll drill through the wall to run the piping to the outside.

When they install piping, each connection is carefully sealed to ensure that there will be no leaks in the new line.

Once the piping has been placed through the wall, they will set a new shut-off valve and quick connect hook up outside. Occasionally the contractor will install a second interior shut-off valve to ensure that you have a backup way to shut off the exterior gas.

The external connection will be quick, so you can easily run a hose from there to whatever outdoor device you want to use, including your BBQ. Some contractors even attach a new hose to your outdoor connection so you can easily hook up your BBQ.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Gas Line for a BBQ in Canada?

It costs about $20 per foot to install a new line for an outdoor grill, gas stove, or fire pit, depending on the distance from your main gas line to the outside. A BBQ generally lands somewhere between $100 to $500. To extend a line for a gas fire pit, you’re usually looking at a minimum of $300 to $1400. It depends entirely on the size of your yard and how far the lines must go.

However, you’ll likely find that over the long term, you save on the cost of fuel.

Natural gas is significantly less expensive than propane. Over your first year with natural gas, it’s possible to save as much as you paid for installation.

Overall, installing a gas line for your BBQ in Canada may have some upfront expenses and be a bit daunting. However, it will even out rapidly with what you are not spending on propane and propane tanks. You will have more space outdoors to enjoy and will never have to run out of fuel in the middle of cooking your favorite ribs again.

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