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When you enter a university, it seems that now the most interesting tasks in your specialty will begin, meeting new people, exciting parties, but in addition to writing academic papers, you have to solve many practical problems every day. You have to face problems that you have never faced before. For example, to provide yourself with food, keep a budget and organize your living space for a comfortable living and study. Maybe you need to arrange a dorm room or a rented apartment with friends. In any case, it is clear that you do not have a lot of money for this, and you need to find furniture much cheaper. In this article, we will show you how to furnish your college student room cheaply and beautifully and comfortably.

Hunt for Out-of-campus Sales

Often you can read about such events in your educational institution on its website or on campus announcements. It is clear that this can only be done at a certain period, after the end of the academic year of the last year students, when they begin to leave the campus en masse. Naturally, they have accumulated a lot of things over the years of study and want to sell them. Sometimes there are big sales, and sometimes it’s a simpler event. People put ads on the door of their dorm room saying that you can buy some furniture from them. Buying furniture on campus and even in your dorm will help you save not only on the purchase itself, but also on transportation. Moreover, some furniture can even be presented to you. When the time comes for your graduation, you will do exactly the same, because it is pointless to transport furniture to a new place of work that is suitable for a student, but is unlikely to suit you in adulthood. 

Buy Containers and Make your own Storage System

You don’t need to buy large and expensive wardrobes to organize your space properly. Most likely there is not enough space in the student room and there will not be enough space for good but bulky things. Therefore, we advise you to go to some container store and make purchases there. Most of these containers are modular, they can be connected to each other in different combinations. You can buy containers of different sizes and different colors and thus zoning what they are intended for. For example, in a kitchen, a bathroom, in a room, you can separate the learning and non-learning areas using multicolored containers. Such containers are quite cheap and when you buy a lot, there will definitely be discounts for bulk purchases. Also, ask the store if they still have mismatched containers. Sometimes people leave one or two containers of different colors because they don’t match. But if your goal is to save money, then ask about them, because the last thing, as a rule, has big discounts.

Use Dorm-Tailored Websites 

For college students, the demand for furniture is very high. So big that there were even special sites for buying dorm furniture. Not everywhere they work such sites, but check if they are available in your delivery area. As an example, these could be sites Dormify or Dormco. These sites not only have a lot of discounts. The main thing is that there are many things here that are designed to accommodate the maximum of things located in a small area. It’s not super designer stuff, but it’s simple and functional and sure to be good enough for a few years of college use. You can team up with other freshmen and shop together, because there are always big discounts on bulk purchases.

Any Huge Mall would Actually Work

The fact is that such malls, as a rule, are not in those places where students live. They need to be reached and traveled by transport, which can accommodate what you bought. But, if you have the opportunity and large malls, such as Target or Walmart  are near us, choose the biggest one and go there. In addition to simple and cheap hangers, containers, nightstands and other things, you will always find some discounted baskets, boxes, and maybe one or two dollar designer pieces that can make your room much cozier. Don’t ignore simple yet effective ways to furnish your room well. Try to make your life simpler, it helps you to be ready for a challenge. The same as choosing the closest big one is simpler than hunting vintage pieces, a decision to buy essay online can save you hours, days of work, especially when you have other things to do. Students hire writing experts, and it is normal to get some assistance if you get stuck.

Be Proactive, Look Around

Very often, when we need to do something for the first time, something that we have never done before, we ignore simple solutions and start to complicate things. Before you head out to some faraway stores, check out what you have around campus first. Write in the chats and groups of the campus what exactly from the situation you are missing. Do not write in general that you are looking for any furniture, otherwise you will be overwhelmed with many offers you do not need. Specify what piece of furniture you require and the amount that you are willing to spend on its purchase. For example, I need a chest of drawers like this for $20. Or, I do not just need a desktop, but a desktop with two shelves is desirable. If it is possible to specifically formulate a request, you will find what you need much faster. It is advisable not to pick things up in random order, but first buy the basic furniture and only then, add something that will make your home comfortable and cozy. Because if you buy bedside tables, shelves, ottomans, chairs, then you will be limited by the space where you can place the most necessary furniture. And you will have to spend money and time on picking up a bed of a certain size that should fit into your room. Start with the important things, everything else later. 

In general, solving such practical problems in college helps prepare for adulthood. And it’s great that in the process of such searches, you find not only things, but also new friends. 

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