With the development of technology, there has been an improvement in bed design, too. Now, you get to buy adjustable beds that care for your health. These are designed keeping in mind the necessities of a stressful lifestyle. 

Further, adjustable models can be customized according to the way you sleep. Now, that can add comfort and prevent health conditions due to wrong sleeping positions.

So, let’s check what you should consider when choosing an adjustable bed. But, before we go through the features of choosing an adjustable bed, you must know about specific terminologies.

Terminologies related to an adjustable bed

If you are a new purchaser of an adjustable bed, then there are specific terms that you might often hear. WE will help you to decipher them –

  • Wall-hugging

It points out the mattress position about the wall, which ensures no gap between the mattress and wall, irrespective of its work. 

  • Zero Gravity 

It mimics the feeling of weightlessness or transitioning from position to position without much effort.

  • Ergonomic design 

Every human being has a different body structure, and the manufacturers provide tailor-made ergonomic products that would support every unique form.

  • Whisper-quite

This is a mechanism where the bed frames make no noise, similar to a person’s whisper.

Factors that you must consider while buying an adjustable bed

Here we have listed the proposing factors which would help you choose an adjustable model without confusion.

  • Cost of bed

You must fix a budget while buying a new bed, but always remember adjustable beds are quite different from regular ones and have added comfort and benefits. Thus, it is pretty evident that it will cost more. It can range from $2000 to $10000 and more.

  • Product quality and material 

You must understand whether the quality of the fabric used to build the bed supports your requirement. Also, check whether it is comfortable with your necessity and supports pre-existing components.

  • Check the reviews and details of the retailer

Be it a retailer or manufacturer, always check the reviews. This will help you get a clear idea about the product. You will also get to understand its usability duration and buying experience. Also, check the delivery option, warranty, and guarantee period.

  • Understand the functionality 

Different models serve different purposes – some provide the best comfort while watching television, while others support you through body ache relief or dealing with snoring, swelling, and allergic reactions. So, choose your best fit.

  • Adjustment positions

Do check the recycling options. Mattresses usually vary in weight and frame, so choose the one that is easy to carry from one place to another. It would help if you also decided about mattress type – King, Queen, Twin XL, and more.


Beds have become much more supportive about care for your neck, head, and shoulder. There is evidence that adjustable beds can help to cure health conditions such as sleep apnea and acid reflux. Additionally, manufacturers now provide pillows that provide the same raise for your head. So, what are you waiting for? Unbox an adjustable mattress and enjoy its remarkable features.


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