Entertaining summer pool and cabana design for endless vacation2

Pool house and cabana designs are spaces for entertaining everyone in summer. With great decoration ideas, there will be Entertaining Summer Pool And Cabana Design For Endless Vacation.

Entertaining summer pool and cabana design for endless vacation1


Unforgettable True Escape

Unforgettable true escape Entertaining Summer Pool And Cabana Design For Endless Vacation


The unforgettable true escape with luxe meets rustic lounge is excellently perfect for a vacation home. It offers a villa vibe with candlelight, antique salvaged wood tables, scraggly stone, and a romantic ambiance.

Forever Vacation Vibe

Create a forever vacation vibe with straw woof, wood-paneled floors, and a raffia pendant for your pool house design. This space opens straight into the outdoor area as a perfect place to hang out.

Tree House Cabana

Look at this coolest tree house. It shows a designed pool house nook that is durable and comfortable. A hanging chair is a competitive place where everyone will fight to sit.

Changing Area

It is a good call to have an outdoor shower by the pool or in a beachside locale. Those ideas are extremely wonderful when separating the pool house. Here, this idea will prevent the interiors from getting dirty and become a gorgeous addition to any landscape style. Last, it is a smart transition from indoors to outdoors with a changing area that is separated by a curtain.

Rustic Pool Design

Through this rustic-open concept pool area, you do not need to present your pool with full of bells and whistles. Besides, you can also present a wood-burning stove, a modern countertop workspace, and a dining nook for a Tuscan countryside look.

Airy Sky High Pool House

Let your pool house go to the extra level by adding a reclaim wood exterior. It will create a striking balance between formal and rustic. This idea will offer a more open and airy atmosphere with super huge ceilings for outdoor space.

Crawl Space For More Storage

A pool house can be a nice place to hang and add storage as well. Start by keeping it separate from the sitting area with a crawl space that can be accessed by a ladder. There is a small window in the attic up there which also add an architectural touch.

No Rug

When we talk about pool house meaning that we discuss wet feet running in and out. Therefore, make sure your floors hold up well to traffic and are easy to clean every day. You may go with ceramic or porcelain tiles. Besides, natural stone and concrete if you want a rustic, edgier feel. After that, you may also choose an even more durable flooring material like brick or tiles.

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