Skylights design ideas for aesthetic yet stylish home decoration2

A skylight can provide nice lighting and decoration to your home interior which also connects the indoors and outdoors. It can also add ventilation when your room needs it. The skylight ideas are rounded up here on Skylights Design Ideas For Aesthetic Yet Stylish Home Decoration.

Skylights design ideas for aesthetic yet stylish home decoration1

Fixed Skylight

Fixed skylight Skylights Design Ideas For Aesthetic Yet Stylish Home Decoration


What a gorgeous skylight design. It creates attention through its vaulted ceiling to the symmetry of the space. Meanwhile, it also looks so captivating through its accentuating height and bringing down the scale. Last, the chandelier also beautifully connects everything in a perfect way.

Geometric Sloped Skylight In A Bedroom

Geometric sloped skylight in the bedroom Skylights Design Ideas For Aesthetic Yet Stylish Home Decoration


These geometric motifs spread out to emphasize the angular skylight. At the same time, it also makes everything feel synchronized and intentionally pretty. Besides, through its color, it definitely offers a bright cheerful space.

Modern Skylights

Looking for modern skylights? It is floor-to-ceiling windows plus windows, steel, and glass doors that successfully illuminate the space. In this design, the combination of modern and minimalist keep the focus on beautiful landscaping everlasting.

Curb-Mounted Skylight In A Bedroom

When your bedroom has a double function as a resting space and workspace, the skylight will be needed to boost the room. Then, a curb-mounted skylight right over our desk will create a private mood and productivity. Besides, when the night comes, there will be an inspiring moment when looking up to see the stars in the sky. Last, a curb-mounted skylight can be a choice to prevent leaks.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass will never flood the space with too much natural light. Surprisingly, it will allow for a nice glow while still maintaining privacy in a smart way. As you see in the design above, the kitchen as a busy workspace is built into a nook off of a great room with extra light that connects to the outdoors to feel less cramped.

Operable Window In A Bathroom

Look at this skylight that gives the shower area plenty of natural light. It also proves that skylights are more than just ordinary windowless rooms. Moreover, this skylight can also operate an awning window to increase ventilation when needed.

Pitched Skylights

It is a pyramid skylight that looks so eye-catching to provide sun in a mudroom through its size and shape. Then, the skylight can be customized based on your needs to line between indoor and outdoor.

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