Everyone has something different in mind regarding bringing a change in living and lifestyle. For many, shifting to a new state or city and starting afresh might seem like the perfect solution to leaving behind years of emotional baggage. However, this ticket to a new life isn’t immersive enough for some people. If you’re in the latter group, you may not feel like you’ve explored a location unless you’ve spent a few months living there.

Alternatively, you may be shifting houses or going through any other phase where you need to stay mobile for some time. Whatever the case, in such situations, your best bet is to live in a recreational vehicle (RV).

Living in an RV can seem pretty daunting at first, but it can be an exciting experience when you do it right. It offers several perks, including a reduced cost of living and the ability to explore the country. If you want to live in an RV but don’t know where to start, pay attention to the following tips:

Find a safe space to store your vehicle

Although this may seem like one of the steps you consider towards the end, it’s something you must arrange for before you ever hit the gas on your journey of living on the road. An RV is a pricey investment and will serve as your shelter during the next few months. So, you want to be sure that before you hit the road, you have a safe, secure spot to store your vehicle whenever it isn’t in use. Leaving your RV parked in some random garage or along the curb can be dangerous. 

A purpose-built space is the best place to store your RV and keep it well-maintained. You want to opt for an RV storage facility that provides security cameras, safety lighting, and high-perimeter fencing to keep your mobile home safe. So be thorough with your research and check out multiple storage sites.


One of the most important things you need to do for a mobile living is to declutter. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shifting to RV living for a few weeks, months, or even full-time; you need to eliminate all the extra stuff you don’t need. If you bring too much clutter into your RV, your space can get incredibly congested.

An RV is no place for fancy decoration items, large pieces of furniture, and anything that isn’t useful. Getting rid of all these belongings can seem pretty radical, but if you’re committed to shifting your lifestyle, it is essential. Once you get rid of all the random things in your house, you’ll find the process relieving. You have no extra baggage in an RV, and getting used to this feeling can be pretty liberating.

Consider starting the decluttering process a few weeks before you decide to finally move into your home on wheels. Garage sales and selling stuff online can help you sell things faster and make a pretty penny. You can also donate stuff to local shelters if you can sell it.

Download road trip apps

Road trip apps can be exceptionally helpful, especially if you want to make living in an RV as adventurous as possible. Fuel can be one of your biggest concerns when you’re on the go, and any wrong turns, blocked roads, or other inconveniences can be pretty costly. Having useful apps installed on your smartphone can help you save a lot of time and money and keep you away from any unwanted trouble on the road. 

These apps can typically help you find everything of your concern along your route. This can include rest houses, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and more. Road trip apps can also help you find the most popular destinations. They can also help you track fuel costs and distance, and can help you find the most efficient route to your destination. Your experience of living on the road can be much smoother.

Prepare yourself mentally

Although there are many logistical tasks you need to handle before you embark on your new life of living in an RV, the most important thing is to prepare yourself mentally. RVing is a journey not many are ready for. Even if you’re excited, it’s only natural to experience a little apprehension. You may not receive motivation from everyone because this lifestyle is a little unconventional. 

It’s important to remember why you made this choice and stick with what you decide. Living in an RV can be empowering if you’re ready for it. It can open up several new opportunities to explore the country and work. But you must be mentally ready to give up the comfort of living in a home, your neighbors, and a life you’ve been so accustomed to in the past.


Getting ready to live in an RV requires you to downsize and ensure sustainable earnings, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. So look for RV storage, declutter, get some smart tech, and ready yourself. If you follow these tips, you can prepare for the experience of a lifetime. 

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