A pool in your backyard is a worthy investment if you are an outdoor person. You can spend hours soaking in the water during the hot summer days and have a good time with your kids. Hosting a poolside party at home is a great idea. Moreover, the investment enhances the value of your property. So you can expect to sell your home at a premium down the line. But setting up a pool in your background can be a daunting project as it requires time, money, and energy. You also need to plan the project in advance to complete it successfully. Let us share some practical tips homeowners can rely on. 

Consider the yard conditions

The size of your backyard is the prime consideration for starting with the project. Besides optimizing the pool type and size according to your yard’s dimensions, you must consider several other factors. These include the soil type, the area’s slope, and accessibility for construction equipment. A level yard is ideal for pool installation, but you can rely on new construction technology for challenges like rocky soil, steeply sloping lots, and limited access. Understand your challenges early and plan accordingly for a successful outcome. 

Know the expected timeline

Pool installations are messy, and you can anticipate a little dirt in your living space during the project. Knowing the expected timelines prepares you for the mess, but remember that natural factors can delay completion. Typically, in-ground pool projects may take three to twelve weeks, depending on the size and complexity. Conversely, above-ground installations take only a few days.

Be financially ready

Installing a pool in your backyard entails a hefty investment, so you must set a realistic budget upfront to prevent nasty surprises. It depends on factors like size, materials, and features. Likewise, complex conditions may elevate the cost of the installation. Luckily, you can access pool financing if you do not have enough funds for the project. Use a free online loan calculator to get your financial plans in place before going ahead. 

Think beyond the costs of construction

While you may get funds for the construction phase, think beyond because your expenses increase after the project. Consider ongoing costs such as pool cleaning and maintenance, chemical treatment, equipment, and utilities. These expenses can get surprisingly painful if you do not plan for them beforehand. Research online or talk to someone who already has a backyard pool to get a fair idea of ongoing expenses.

Find a seasoned contractor

Look for a seasoned construction contractor with relevant experience to work on your project once you sort out the finances. Ideally, find someone with a good track record of residential pool installations. They can complete the project on time and within budget while handling the pool safety considerations. Check referrals and seek recommendations to find a reliable contractor.

Building a backyard pool is a tricky, expensive, and time-intensive project. But you can follow these tried and tested tips to complete it successfully and create an entertaining space right in your backyard.


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