Almost every homeowner considers natural lighting when buying a home and setting out their furniture. No matter how well you’ve decorated a room, it will fall flat without adequate lighting.

Light fixtures can bring life to a space when you do it correctly. The right choice can even be a focal point for the whole design. These lighting ideas should inspire your next home decor project and brighten your home.

1. Embrace Colors, Patterns and Shapes

Experiment with bold lighting choices. Traditional lamps and recessed lighting have their place, but they often won’t be a show stopper. Selecting something more unique will have all your guests asking where you got it.

Bright or unique colors can bring a pop to an otherwise dull room and patterns add a touch of personality to any space. If you aren’t ready to jump on the wagon of bold color choices, try a neutral-toned or metal light fixture in a unique shape.

2. Add a Touch of Class to the Bathroom

The bathroom may not be the first place you think of for exciting lighting fixtures, but the right choice can breathe new life into any space.

Move beyond the vanity lights to the tub — a large soaker would really shine under an accent light. Install a small chandelier to add a touch of class. These beautiful fixtures come in many styles now, so you’ll be able to find something matching your design aesthetic.

3. Multitask Lighting As Art

Sure, you can go the traditional route and hang lighting above your artwork to draw attention. However, if you want something more unique, try a light fixture that is art.

Neon lights have never truly gone out of style, so they’re an excellent option for your first piece of light art. Even pendant lights and wall sconces can come in unique designs that appear to have come straight from an art gallery.

4. Use Dimmers to Set the Mood

Dimmer switches can be helpful in almost any room and can match the needs of the moment. They provide plenty of light when you need to work and can set the mood when you need it.

You can dim the lights for movie night in the family area or turn them down in your child’s room when it’s close to bedtime to get them ready for sleep. Lowering the lights in your kitchen while waiting for your morning coffee to kick in is a gentle way to ease into your morning routine.

5. Get Creative With Materials 

There’s nothing wrong with traditional materials if they fit your style. On the other hand, if you find yourself bored with those options, you have many others available.

Rattan and paper are more eco-friendly and can fit various home decor vibes. Glass executed in a modern way is also very trendy. Another possibility is to layer your home’s lighting with a few different finishes.

6. Install LED Strips

LED strips are a multi-purpose wonder. With most models, you can change the color and turn them on and off with a remote. Some even come with a motion sensor. Install these under your kitchen or bathroom cabinets for a little extra light and you’ll wow your guests with the special touch these strips add.

For even more options, try placing them under your bed or in a dark closet. They also work well mounted under shelves in the laundry room or on a bookshelf. The best part is LED strip lights are easy to install and don’t require an electrician.

7. Try Smart Lights

Color-changing smart lights offer a world of lighting options within the same fixture. You can change the balance to make a space brighter for working or select your favorite color to enhance your mood.

Smart lights can even change the tone of your paint, especially if you have white walls. Aside from those bonuses, you can set timers for individual lights in your home or whole rooms for convenience.

8. Ditch Traditional Endtable Lamps

If your bedroom, child’s room or guest room is limited on space or you live minimally and would prefer not to have bedside tables, changing your lighting could help.

Many people opt for table lamps on either side of the bed, but they take up valuable room. Instead, hang a pendant light on each side or add a wall sconce. You could even choose a wall-mounted lamp with an extendable arm you can swing closer to the bed for a reading light. Now you can ditch those nightstands altogether or free up space on top for other accessories.

9. Use Wireless Lighting Outdoors

The easiest way to light up your exterior is to install it as you build, but most people don’t have that luxury. Instead, you can pay to have an electrician come in and install lighting after the fact.

Alternatively, you can use wireless solar or LED lights. Wire-free options have come a long way in the last decade. With this many choices, you can probably cancel your call to the electrician. Another perk of wireless lights is you can move them around in a year or two if you want a change.

10. Enhance Your Natural Light

Even though artificial lighting is essential to interior design, swinging entirely in that direction can stifle a room. Natural lighting is still a necessary aspect of any space.

Work with your existing windows to bring as much sunshine into your home as possible. Hanging mirrors will make a room feel larger and reflect light and shiny decorations will catch the sun just right.

Lighting Should Reflect Your Style 

With so many different lighting options and styles, something out there will fit your dream design perfectly. You may just have to dig a bit.

Light fixtures can make or break the look and feel of your home, so choose selections to reflect your style and what you love. Take your time, have fun and make your home uniquely you.

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