Almost every type of landscape at least comes with a single problem. That can be a slope, a rocky spot, or a place that is so heavily shaded that your dream of designing with plants becomes limited. 

Especially when drought strikes, even a really great piece of land can transform into a problem area. Or what in case your piece of land is plagued by the exact opposite of drought and you are disturbed by a muddy mess? 

It is really fortunate that a number of landscaping allies present themselves as landscaping solutions for handling all these and also some other landscaping problem areas. 

Landscape Problems & Solutions You Can Try For Your Garden

Here, in this article, we will guide you with some most common landscaping problems along with their solutions. So that you do not need to worry about how to fix them and decorate your garden area. 

Hilly Or Eroding

In case you have a rockless incline area, you can consider the possibility of importing some risk for developing a rock garden from scratch. It means you can design and place each thing exactly where you want them to be. 

This way, you will be able to hold back the soil along with cutting down on erosion. You also can opt for the usual ground cover, in case you are not at all interested in rock gardens. However, building retaining walls is the most popular erosion-busting option. 

Rocky Land

Having a rocky slope is pretty common and can cause serious problems. At the same time, the rock garden design presents the landscape area itself as natural enough. It itself is a solution to your problem.  

There is no need to fight with it when you can utilize the reckiness of terrain rockiness in your favor. In case you are living in a region that is dominated by drought, you might even want to build a rock garden on a flat piece of land; then why not use the natural land? 

Too Sunny

It is normal not to want a rock garden. In this case, you can consider the xeriscape as one of the best practical alternatives to more traditional yard designs. Yes, xeriscape is indeed associated with drought-plagued areas, but that doesn’t mean you will underestimate its benefits of it.

Just planting some low maintenance and drought tolerant perennials along with some grouping plants with the same irrigation is a great idea to work with here. You will never be out of options when it comes to choosing attractive perennials. 

Too Shady

Now, this type of problem is completely opposite to the sun-battered problem area that we have previously talked about. In case you have a shady spot, don’t worry at all and get some shade-loving plants. Fill the area with shrubs and other similar plants that grow in the shade. 

Here, you need to pay special attention to the soil quality and texture of that area. In case the natural soil is not perfect for all those shade-loving plants, you can prepare soil separately and use some pots or planters. 

Drainage Problems

A lot of us flooded with excessive water runoff might be jealous of those people with dry areas and also their consequent “problem.” In the case of your area, water puddles are the actual problem and making the areas unusable; installing a french drain might be the perfect solution. 

You might be simply thinking about growing some plants in that area and each thing you are trying there, resisting the bogginess of the soil. Here, some wetland plants might be the perfect landscaping solution for you. 

Privacy Concerns

Privacy is something that can not be negotiated. You will not want your neighbour to see you every time you are doing your business outside. Growing living walls is the perfect landscaping solution to this problem. 

Opt for trees and shrubs that offer privacy and not a fence. In case you are not willing to take care of a natural plant screen and want a fence, you also have the middle option to stick with; installing a lattice privacy screening will be perfect. 

Get The Proper Solution

Now, you know what landscaping solutions you have in your hand are worth trying. As per your landscaping problem and requirements, you can choose any of these. You also can directly consult with landscaping solution experts to get the best possible solution.

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