Unbelievable ways to organize a small kitchen with no pantry2

Working in a small kitchen with no pantry is absolutely challenging. The ideas below are the solution to have storage and stylish decoration in a no-pantry kitchen.

Unbelievable ways to organize a small kitchen with no pantry1

Incorporating Lazy Susan

Incorporating lazy susan Unbelievable Ways To Organize A Small Kitchen With No Pantry


In a small kitchen, counting each inch is important. Thus, a lazy susan will be a smart idea in a small kitchen with no pantry. It can be a place to store your cooking items like food supplies and ingredients.

Hanging Utensils

Hanging utensils Unbelievable Ways To Organize A Small Kitchen With No Pantry


Go with the wall-mounted hanging rack to hold your spoons, spatulas, and utensils. The hanging utensil idea is wonderful to free up your space. Besides, everything you need will be so much accessible so your cooking will be more fun.

Retro Cool Spice Rack

This rattan wall spice rack in boho-inspired and retro-cool is an excellent idea as a storage for a small kitchen with no pantry. It looks more creative with a rectangular bracket and rounded edges as extra storage. On the other hand, this piece is also great for the most use of walls to create a more interesting look.

Three-tiered Fruit Bowl

Keep your fresh fruits in an arm with a three-tiered fruit bowl. It will allow you to store fresh fruits while keeping your kitchen bright, cheerful, and tidy. After that, you have an excellent opportunity to segregate your fruits and place them in a stylish organized way by their sizes.

Install A Cabinet On The Top

It is a wonderful idea to install a cabinet on top of your refrigerator to add storage in a small kitchen. Thus, there will be no space useless. Then, the cabinet can be a place for your dry foods, snacks, and bottles. Besides, if you do not want to go with a cabinet, you can go with some baskets on top for more accessible storage.

Storage Rack On Refrigerator

Last, let your kitchen go and look creative and thoughtful. You may go with a metal storage rack that can hold your bottles and spices on two shelves. Place it on the refrigerator with hooks to hang kitchen essentials like towels and aprons. Besides, its magnetic bar at the top can help withstand some weight kitchen essentials.

Floating Shelves Installation

If you want to show your beautiful pots, bowls, plates, or bottles in the kitchen as storage, you can go with a floating shelve installation. It is a great solution for no pantry kitchen to infuse color and decoration into the kitchen.

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