Applicable ways to keep the flowers fresh in a vase12

You are wondering how to keep flowers fresh in a vase longer? Here are the ideas to inspire your fresh flowers like alive every day.

Applicable ways to keep the flowers fresh in a vase11

Wrong Water

Wrong water Applicable Ways To Keep The Flowers Fresh In A Vase


You are forbidden to use tap water when nourishing your plants because it contains chlorine which is bad for cut blooms. First of all, clean your vase with warm water and dish soap. after that, keep your flowers fresh longer by changing the water every day.

Remove The Leaves

Remove the leaves Applicable Ways To Keep The Flowers Fresh In A Vase


Remove any leaves of the flowers from the bottom of the stem before putting them into your vase of water. That step will keep the flowers looking fresh longer.

Choose For The Right Vase

Choosing the right vase is one way to fill a corner with color. On the other hand, keep things good-looking with the right shape or size to let the flowers breathe freely. The stems may get squished when the vase is too narrow. Then, the damaged stems equate to a short vase life. Besides, when the mouth of the vase you choose is too wide, the flower arrangement will. lose all shape. So ensuring the stems fit info nicely in the mouth of the vase is a fundamental idea to start.

Feed The Flowers

Feed the flowers that contain antimicrobial ingredients to inhibit the growth of bacteria to clean the water. Besides, the citric acid will make the water acidic for the flowers’ health results.

Avoid Keeping The Flowers Next To The Fruit Bowl

Did you know that many fruits like bananas, tomatoes, and apples produce high levels of ethylene? It is a gas that interferes with the production of flowers’ ethylene. As a result, when they are close, the sign of aging will appear faster and shortens their life. On the other hand, if you love the look of fruit and flora together, you may decorate with dried flowers is a great option as these blooms will not wilt in the presence of your favorite fruit on the same table.

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