Artistic ceiling wallpaper ideas for stylish above decoration2

Ceiling wallpaper will help the homeowner in creating a pretty room statement. The ceiling wallpaper ideas below are examples to inspire you in decorating elevated room designs.

Artistic ceiling wallpaper ideas for stylish above decoration1

Child Bedroom Ceiling Wallpaper

Child bedroom ceiling wallpaper Artistic Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas For Stylish Above Decoration


Zone the space within a room with walls and ceiling wallpaper. The wallpaper like this shows an inviting colorful space through the design and pattern. It creates a cozy cocooning effect like nook bed ideas.

Study Room Ceiling Wallpaper

Study room ceiling wallpaper Artistic Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas For Stylish Above Decoration


Enhance the study room look to have a more enjoyable place to do many home works. This modern study or office room looks so beautiful through its color, vibrancy, and pattern from the ceiling design.  The tropical palm leaf wallpaper is used on the upper half of the wall and the slanted ceiling. As the result, this study or office room feels soothing and tranquil, functional and comfortable in style.

Timeless Stripes

Decorating with stripes in a room will create an elegant look both for contemporary and classic interior spaces. The sophisticated design of stripes wallpaper trick the eye into thinking of a longer and larger room than it is. In this modern dining room, striped wallpaper is used on the upper half of the wall and ceiling.

Pretty Dressing Room Ceiling

Creating a luxurious dressing room with wallpaper is a good idea. The dressing room is also a perfect place to experiment with style and color like wallpaper. As the look above, the ditsy floral wallpaper print wallpaper turns your boring dressing room into a more elegant one. Besides, by the existence of room furniture like chairs and tables, the room looks and feels cozy, inviting, and stylish.

Outdoor And Indoor Effects in The Entrance

Look at this enchanting sky design that offers an indoor-outdoor effect. It creates impressive atmospheric space with a cloud pattern. The ceiling wallpaper idea will also add depth and drama to the entrance. Moreover, as a whole, this entrance appears both striking and calming together.

Kitchen Ceiling Wallpaper

Inject a decorative statement to your kitchen with ceiling wallpaper. The design, color, and pattern elegantly unite art decoration with the kitchen. The gold geometric and dark green offer a luxurious look that matches the gold metal ceiling light, decorative opal glass, and green cabinets.

Connective Ceiling Wallpaper

Let your bedroom has a cohesive unified look by matching the wallpaper ceiling ideas with a pattern or print used in another section of a room. As you see in the bedroom above, there is an eye-catching geometric wallpaper defined by a repeated pattern of perfect large interlocking circles. The wallpapers are placed like a headboard and also on the ceiling.

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