If you want your study room to feel unique and special, you need to give it a personal touch by adding decorations. Trying some study room ideas is one of the coolest fun activities for college students and while doing so, your study area shouldn’t be ignored. However, keeping things simple can go a long way in making it look stylish. Doing something as simple as adding a desk or chair can breathe new life into your study room making it feel unique and special to you. In the midst of personalizing your study space, remember that services like “Writepaper” can help manage your academic workload, giving you more time to devote to creating your perfect study environment.


Finding the time and budget to decorate your room can be hard. They are entertainment games for students around campus, various events, and a mountain of assignments to deal with, hence why you need essay help from CustomWritings, for instance. Academic experts can write papers while you worry about decorating ideas for your dorm. There are so many amazing interior design ideas you can implement in your room and this article will look at some of them.

Modernized study room setup

Designing a study room has come a long way and a student needs to keep up with trends. A design that worked well 10 years ago wouldn’t look fancy now in 2022 unless you’re an old-school student. With that being said, putting a modern twist on your current study area can breathe new life into it.

A modernized setup requires you to have a two-person desk because it will make the room more attractive and sleek. To add some extra glamor, you can add some flowers, plants, and books to the table. If you don’t have time to water real plants, you can opt for plastic ones as long as they blend in well with the environment. The walls shouldn’t be ignored because you can add some pictures or pick a wallpaper. For added decor, you can add some floated shelves to the mix.

Rustic home office study room decor

When you have to choose between two different designs, there is a chance you have to go with one but when you opt for home office study room decor, you can mix two different styles. If you are old school and still like to have files in your room, you can have some cabinets made out of wood with customized messages. The workspace can have a rustic theme to it when it comes to the desk, some hardwood floors, and a stylish chair for good measure.

Small study area set up

Some students just want a small study area and do not want to decorate the entire room. Going for a small study area setup design is perfect because it is a reading area within a room. You can find a desk that matches the themes you are going for online, and you can add a few little things like a lamp on the side, some posters, or even some flowers. 

Bright and spacious L-shaped study design 

If you are a massive fan of L-shaped desks, you need a spacious room to implement this design. The reason why many people go for them is that they make rooms appear open. They create an amazing illusion giving you more room to place things like computer monitors, scanners, printers, and other office suppliers you need to get the job done. 

If you are unable to find a good quality L-shaped desk, you can use two different desks. As far as the walls are concerned, you can put framed pictures, pictures, and anything that you’d like to hand on the wall. 

Golden themes study room design 

Gold is one of those colors that is very eye-catching and a wonderful way to decorate a room. The one mistake that many people make when they pick this color is they let it overwhelm the room. You simply need to have a gold-themed desk, and some gold picture frames and leave the room color to be white. You can also have a golden chair and accessories if you wish but just make sure the color of the room is anything but gold.

Storage design decor 

While focusing on desks and accessories is at the heart of many designs, storage needs to be given some attention too. You can purchase a good-quality bookshelf that you can use to store important items or items that you don’t use regularly or make it a library corner, as an idea. If you have empty shelves you are not using, you can place decorative items on them to ensure everything blends in well with the room.

Filing system room design 

Many people see filing as boring, but it doesn’t have to be if you can find stylish and fun storage boxes from the internet or your local store. The good thing about the boxes is they don’t cost a fortune, and you can easily customize them to your liking with paint or decor paper. You can also have see-through boxes if you want so that you can easily tell where certain documents are.

Bright and fun organizational room design

Keeping things organized is very important and for this design, you need a desk that has multiple levels. You will be using the desk to hold your PC  while also storing important items you need close by so that you don’t have to go far. Holders for writing tools can also be placed on the desk together with plastic plants to add some glamor to the place.

Multifunctional room design 

This is one of the best designs out there because it involves having a desk that has drawers and not shelves. This is because drawers allow you to drop anything you don’t need or are not using in them. If the drawers are big enough they can store big items such as printers. The key is finding a bright-colored desk to match the wallpaper or paint you have in the room. 

Final Words about Study Room Interior Design Ideas

Decorating is one of a few exciting activities for college students to show their creative side, and it positively impacts their mental health. Even though there are plenty of things that offer entertainment for college students, not many carry a deep emotional impact like decorating does. 

When you book a study room decor or design,  it is all about preference and how big the space you have to work with actually is. Some designs in this article work well with small rooms while others are intended for big rooms. What is also important is making sure that your room looks presentable which means buying the right desk, the right decorations, and chair. If you get these things correct, you should have a study room that is the envy of your peers at the college or university you’re studying.

Moreover, you can try some study room online decorating apps that could help you come up with the best options without wasting your money.


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