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If your roof is failing or requires repairs, there are signs that can alert you. It is essential to be aware of failing signs, so you can call for timely repair services. Your roof could face problems after a hail storm or due to age, but there are other reasons why the roof begins to fail. Here are some signs your roof system has problems and needs inspected, repaired, or replaced. 


Signs That Your Roof System Has Problems 

If possible, get on the roof yourself to confirm your suspicions and proceed to call the professionals. If you detect any of these issues, contact professionals. 

1. Roof’s age

Age has considerable significance on how your roof performs. If your roof is over 20 years old, it is likely it will begin to have issues and become vulnerable to outside elements. The roof’s age can also affect the ventilation of your home. If it has been a couple of decades since your roof has been replaced, call pro roofers and allow them to inspect the roof system and decide if it needs to be replaced.

2. Frequent leaks

If you notice rainwater enters your home after a downpour,  it is likely your roof is leaking. Even minor leaks can become serious problems if left unaddressed. If you observe any leaks after heavy snow or rain, contact professionals. They can inspect your home and determine the origin of the leaks before taking corrective measures. 

3. Wall and paint damage

If You see any stains on your wall or visible damage to your home’s paint, your roof has serious problems that must be addressed. If left untreated for, they could worsen and become a threat to your health. Blistering paint should not be ignored either. This could be a sign of poor attic ventilation and must be corrected promptly. 

4. Roof shingle problems

Shingles are the building materials that protect your roof from harmful elements. You need your roof shingles to be in good condition for the roof to work properly. Over time, shingles tend to get uprooted, damaged, decayed, discolored, cracked, curled, etc., due to prolonged exposure to weather elements. If your roof shingles are facing any of these issues, contact a roofing company and have them repaired. Loose granules are also a sign of failure. Check your gutters and see if you find any granule collection.

5. Roof vent problems

Roof vent problems usually manifest through cracks on the housing on plastic roof vents or broken seams on metal roof vents. If this happens, you need to hire repair services. Do not allow roof vent issues to go unnoticed. 

6. Mold growth on exterior walls

Mold is detrimental to both your home and your health. If mold grows in your house due to a failing roof, you will notice the signs of it on the exterior walls. 

Delaying roof repairs can backfire in many ways. The moment you recognize your roof could be facing problems, call for professional services like Universal Roofing and have skilled people work on the inspection, repair, or replacement of the roof, whichever seems most suitable. 

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