Decorative stepping stone to feel like an adventure2

Decorative stepping stones will make a different approach to impress your guests from the first step. Check all the ideas on Decorative Stepping Stone To Feel Like An Adventure

Decorative stepping stone to feel like an adventure1

Foot-Shaped Stepping Stone

Foot-shaped stepping stone Decorative Stepping Stone To Feel Like An Adventure


Look at this quirky and fun stepping-stone design. This foot-shaped stepping stone creates the journey to your front door a bit more interesting. Besides, it can be used also used to play a slightly modified game of “the floor is lava” with your kids where the foot-shaped slabs are safe spots. Then, you may decorate the stones with brightly colored stones or as plain as you want.

Recycled Wood Log Stepping Stone

Recycled wood log stepping stone Decorative Stepping Stone To Feel Like An Adventure


Trees are resulting in various uses. Sometimes, when trees are cut, some parts are left to rot and waste with no value. On the other hand, you can recycle such parts. So you will need to slice the log of wood horizontally to create almost circular-shaped slices. After that, cut from logs of wood derived from different parts of the tree to result in variation in size. Then, the wood must be sealed and finished to prevent it from rotting once when you place it on the floor for some time.

Exciting Counting Stepping Stone

Give your guests impressive, interesting, and playful things to do when they come to your home by having numbered stepping stones. You can choose the simple concept one or make them colorful. Remember, sometimes the brighter, the merrier.

Classy Look Of Red Brick Stepping Stone

Red bricks are durable so they will last you a long while with a classy look. You may have the interlocking style to create square shapes of red brick as the stepping stone.

Micky Mouse Stepping Stone

Micky Mouse’s stepping stone design is cute for everyone who loves or want to recall childhood memory. So your kids will love to play with stepping stones. Here you need to get a concrete slab mold in the shape of a Mickey Mouse. After that, place them on your pathway.

Simple Molded Stepping Stone

Last, the molding stepping stone is a popular choice as it is easy to make, easy to present, and how you can personalize it. You may have colorful stones and broken ceramic pieces to make all the look more beautiful.

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