There is no place you can imagine that does not have some sort of microbe. Germs are literally everywhere. These can breed on your skin, food, home surfaces, and all around your home. In fact, your home poses one of the biggest breeding grounds for germs such as bacteria, mold, viruses, and other types of debris. In some extreme cases, these can cause various health issues and make your home a difficult place to live in. So, you need to pay extra attention to how you are cleaning your home and the different ways of cleaning these and washing them entirely. By having this in mind, we have prepared a list of useful tips on how to prevent bacteria growth in your home. 


You Should Deep Clean Your Home Every Two Weeks 

There are some habits you need to adopt if you really want to make your home a spotless and safe place for your family. First and foremost, keeping your home clean and without clutter will help you a lot. It says that if you neglect your home’s hygiene, particles such as dust will start to pile up, which poses a perfect breeding ground for germs and pests to grow. For instance, mold growth is the first sign that something is off with your home and its balance. There are many causes of mold growth, and one of the most common ones is bad ventilation. The first sign of mold is green and bluish patches on the walls and a bad smell. It would be a good idea to call in mold inspection experts to observe the current situation and treat the problem. Professional help combined with proper maintenance will certainly result in success. On the other hand, piled-up dust is a perfect breeding ground for germs and fungi; to this end, it can be a source of respiratory infections and other diseases. 

Wash Your Sheets Once a Week 

Not changing your towel is really gross, but wait to see not changing your sheets. Your skin is a favorite place for many different types of debris and germs. Fungi, bacteria, traces of animal dander, lint, soil, pollen, finishing agents, as well as the components of your sheets, such as coloring agents, fabric fibers, and many others, can all be found on the skin’s surface. Besides your skin and body secrets various matters that can eventually end up on your sheets such as sweat, vaginal and anal excretions, sputum, skin cells, and urine milieu. Plus, there are also some cosmetic products such as oils, creams, body lotions, and others that will be transferred to your sheets and make them unbearably dirty. The problem with all the previously mentioned particles is that they are not seen by your bare eye. So, you need to change your sheets once a week


Steam Clean Your Wooden Floors 

Hardwood floors are less prone to bacterial growth than some other types of flooring. In contrast to this, wall-to-wall carpeting is the least beneficial solution since it provides a fertile ground for bacteria and other germs’ growth. But, do not be tricked; hardwood can also be pretty grody too. Your hardwood floors do not only welcome the nasty germs you took in on your shoes and clothes, but hang out with those that casually hopped from your toilet, food, sink, pers, and from the different surfaces from your own kitchen (for instance, raw chicken is a pretty nasty thing and you cannot even imagine what type of germs and bacteria can thrive on their skin). According to some studies, very persistent and potentially dangerous pathogens such as salmonella, campylobacter, and E. coli can survive on hard surfaces for days, and it is a very well-known fact that these can cause mild to severe infections. This is why you must sanitize your hardwood floors and steam-clean them at least once a month. 

You Must Wash Your Carpets and Rugs 

Just as we have previously mentioned, rugs and carpets are a perfect ground for bacterial growth and these require regular washes and cleanings that will eliminate all of the pests. Not only germs are found in these, but tons of debris, dust, pet hair, your hair, and some other types of nasty things. You can take out your rugs and clean them periodically, or even use deep vacuum cleaners to take out all of the debris that has piled up. In addition, you must wash these at least once every six months and sanitize them as well. It would be great if you hired a professional carpet cleaning service to handle this job. 

Cleaning your home is a part of your everyday routine, or at least it should be. Your home is a fertile ground for numerous bacteria and germ growth that can have a potentially bad influence on your health. This is why it is of utmost importance to regularly clean it and pay special attention to hard surfaces and fabrics, as your sheets are. 

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