If you are the owner of commercial property, then your property’s lighting is something that you need to think about. A poorly lit building can attract thieves and also put customers off from visiting, especially if your business is open after dark. In addition to external lighting, you also need to think about interior lighting. Your property’s interior lighting will have a lot of influence over how customers perceive and experience your business.

This post will explore this topic in more detail, explaining how you can pick good lighting options for your property.

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LED Lighting

For your business’s indoor lights, it is a good idea to use LED bulbs. At the moment, there is an energy crisis. The cost of gas and electricity is higher than ever before. Many business owners are struggling to power their businesses. LED lighting is, without a doubt, the most affordable and efficient form of lighting that you can invest in. If LED lighting interests you, then compare different types of LED lighting so that you can find the one that’s right for your business. A lot of people think that LED lighting is all extremely bright, but this isn’t true. With certain lighting systems, you can control your bulb’s temperature. Another advantage of LED lighting outside of efficiency is that they tend to last a lot longer, which means that you will save money on bulbs.

Style of Lighting

Another thing that you need to think about is the style of lighting that you are going to invest in. Your lighting fixtures should match your business’s style. If your interior is rustic in design, then fisherman’s pendants or lantern-style fixtures will work. If your business is a lot more modern in design, then you can use ordinary pendants or even bare bulbs. If the lighting fixtures that you install don’t match your business’s style, then it can make your business’s interior look poorly designed. The best way to find a style that’s right for you is to browse a light retailer’s catalogue.

Constant Light

Throughout your business, you need to make sure that the light is constant. Many business owners make the mistake of having varying levels of light in their business’s different rooms. Any room accessible by customers or the general public should have the same warmth and temperature as the last room that they were in. If your business’s lighting isn’t constant then it can negatively impact your customer’s experience. If one room is very dark and the rest are bright, then they may also avoid going into the dark room out of fear of it being off limits or closed to the public.

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Natural Temperatures

When you are lighting your business’s interior, you need to use natural temperatures, as in tones of light that look natural, not artificial. The more natural your business’s lighting looks, the more relaxing your business’s interior will be. If you own a restaurant, café, or fashion boutique, then it is especially important to make sure that your business’s lighting appears natural. Unnatural and artificial-looking lighting in a space that’s supposed to be relaxing can make customers feel very uncomfortable. It could even lead to them wanting to leave. Make sure that you also allow in a lot of natural light from outside, too.

Overdoing Lights

Another mistake that’s commonly made by business owners is overdoing their business’s lighting.  Some people have sensitive eyes. If you overdo lighting in your business, then people with sensitive eyes could be made very uncomfortable. It should also be noted that when a business’s interior is too bright, it will be hard for people to concentrate. If they are talking, exploring, or shopping then they will be more focused on the light than on what they are actually supposed to be doing. Also, overdoing light will mean you spend a lot more on energy.

Exterior Lights

A very big mistake that’s made by many business owners is not keeping their business constantly lit from the outside. As mentioned in this post’s introduction, a poorly lit business is more likely to be targeted by thieves. It is especially important to always keep your business lit if it is set back from the road and is located at the end of a private driveway. The reason for this is that so your security cameras can catch the faces of any individuals who attempt to break into your property when you are not there. Property crime is unfortunately on the rise, so you always need to protect your business from it.

If you own commercial property, then lighting is something that you need to think about. Many business owners sadly underestimate the importance of proper interior and exterior lighting. The tips outlined here will help you to perfect your business’s lighting.


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