Modern office blocks permeate the skylines of almost all modern towns and cities in the UK and around the world. Millions of people make their livelihoods in offices, which is why the build quality of office blocks is so important. And when it comes to choosing the very best suitable windows for office blocks, architectural glazing is right up there, and it’s a trending choice right now for modern office blocks.

People want to live and work in environments that promote wellbeing, are energy efficient for a world thinking more intensely about the environment and they want buildings that look beautiful. These are just some of the reasons why architectural glazing is a trending choice for modern office blocks. And the scaling glazing industry, which is growing at unprecedented rates (the glazing industry is expected to increase 9.8% this year alone), more and more people are interested to learn about how choosing the right glazing for their modern office blocks could make all the difference.

An international glazing company composed of glazing industry experts, work with glazing each and every day. And in this article, we’re going to discuss why architectural glazing is the trending choice in modern office blocks.

What is architectural glazing?

First, for those of you who aren’t quite so sure, what exactly is architectural glazing, and what’s the fuss? Architectural glazing is usually used to describe the glass added to a commercial property or monument. In our case, modern office blocks.

Architectural glazing is able to be made in a wide variety of different shapes, styles and designs. Unique frames can be made to situate the chosen shapes and sizes ordered. And architectural glazing is known for being a fantastic type of glazing for allowing more natural sunlight to penetrate a property. This, in turn, has been found to have major benefits for employees or anyone else spending hours and hours inside these buildings. We’ll speak more on this later.

Architectural glazing is better for the environment.

Architectural glazing provides more than just a gorgeous gleam. Architectural glazing also provides a wealth of benefits on the environmental front. 

Architectural glazing is made of high-performance aluminum. As the backbone of this type of glazing, it benefits modern office blocks and other buildings by being energy efficient, super secure, durable, robust and strong and visually attractive as the cherry on top. Naturally, all things desired in this day and age.

Architectural glazing can help to make any building of any age more energy efficient. Even if architectural glazing is added to an existing building that’s particularly old, it’s possible to install and update existing windows and doors with architectural glazing to improve energy efficiency. For in a day and age increasingly concerned with energy costs and the environmental impact businesses make, architectural glass can make a huge difference. It can drastically reduce energy bills in a beautiful way, making it a great investment for buildings both old and new.

Architectural glazing is great for productivity and health.

Believe it or not, installing architectural glazing can greatly improve workplace productivity and increase the wellbeing of colleagues and employees. 

Recent workplace studies have shown that the amount of natural light that enters a building is directly linked to workplace productivity and staff wellbeing. Offices that had large expanses of glazing, allowing more natural light to enter, performed far better in terms of overall productivity than those illuminated only by artificial light.

It’s been shown that appropriate levels of natural light in an office building is one of the main factors that contribute to people’s sense of wellbeing. Having appropriate levels of natural light glistening through can have a huge impact on everyone’s sense of wellbeing, increasing it, which in turn can increase productivity. After all, nobody’s going to work well if they’re feeling blue. The implications of this over months and years is massive.

Architectural glazing looks fantastic and appeals to modern tastes.

Modern office blocks and modern properties of any kind have a particular look and feel about them. For a while, function overtook form entirely. But as modern buildings began springing up all over the place, and as people began spending more time in them, form is coming back into fashion.

Architectural glazing does a great job of looking not only modern, but looking light and airy, interesting and being easy on the eye. And, actually, experts in glazing and design can create architectural glazing that can easily be molded for more traditional buildings, too. 


Overall, architectural glazing is trending because it provides excellent long-term value suitable for modern architecture. Installing architectural glazing improves staff wellbeing, reduces energy costs and looks good. It’s likely that architectural glazing is going to a popular choice for modern office blocks for a long time to come.



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