There is nothing quite like hosting a family dinner in a beautiful dining room complete with soft lighting, good food, and beautiful furniture. More families are opting to stay at home and prepare their own meals rather than going out to restaurants. Food preparation services have seen an increase in membership as the price of food in the grocery store goes up. When you don’t want to cook, there is always a meal-delivery service ready to deliver your sushi boat or butter chicken to your door. With so many people still opting for eating at home rather than going out to restaurants, it makes sense that the area you decide to spend this quality time is charming and inviting. Mid-Century Modern dining room furniture features the warmth of solid wood and a clean, sleek design that turns your dining room into an enjoyable dining experience for everyone.

Some characteristics of a Mid-Century Modern dining room are:

  • clean lines that make the room look larger and uncluttered.
  • lots of natural light with large windows
  • use of geometric shapes
  • open and airy feel to the room with glass walls alluding to nature being ever-present
  • distinct colour palettes

Colour palettes

The Mid-Century modern look for dining rooms features very distinctive colour combinations that accentuate the design of the furniture. Some combinations include:

  • Orange and brown – this palette brings earthy and vibrant tones together
  • Chartreuse and grey – these two colours combine to create a chic look
  • Teal, brown and white – combine to create a rich look of sophistication
  • Pink and brown – a modern look that pairs well with solid wood furniture
  • White and wood – add simple grace to the wood’s natural beauty

What is Mid-Century Modern design?

This design is a mixture of the organic architecture introduced to the world by Frank Lloyd Wright mixed with the detached geometric designs of the Bauhaus movement of the mid-20th century. The furniture is known for clean lines, organic curves, and geometric shapes that lend a flow to the room making it appear larger and more spacious. This type of decor uses natural materials like solid wood to create long-lasting, durable pieces that last up to 15 times longer than a veneer. There are several key pieces of furniture that every home needs to create an elegant and inviting dining space.

Dining tables

Mid-Century Modern dining rooms feature elegant dining tables made of solid oak or walnut with beautiful lines and durable construction. With a choice of sizes, you can add a dining table that will seat 6-8 people comfortably, hold supplies for school projects or house your laptop for online meetings.

Dining chairs

Use the comfortable Mid-Century Modern dining chairs to explore your personality by choosing creative colours that will match the natural wood of the chairs and the table. Choose chairs that will improve the flow of the room and enhance the clean lines of the rest of the decor. Comfort is also important so chairs that are ergonomic and soft to sit in will be important for those extended dinner parties or that extra cup of coffee in the morning.


A Mid-Century Modern sideboard features several characteristics that are important to maintain the overall look and functionality of the dining room. The wood should match the natural grain of the other pieces in the room and the lines should be clean and uncluttered. The storage space in the sideboard is important to keep all of the items hidden but easily accessible.

Natural wood, clean lines, and simple elegance are key when you are looking for a new dining space to invest in. Mid-Century Modern design has withstood the test of time and choosing pieces that fit in with this decor will help you create a sophisticated, beautiful, natural dining room you can share with friends and family.

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