Life in UAE is the hustle and bustle of colors and charisma, especially when one lives in a beautiful home surrounded by ethereal nature. Talking about the beautiful condos of Dubai and Villas in Sharjah, one is often taken aback by the beauty of it all. But oftentimes, leaving your old home feels like an avalanche of emotions. 

Changing neighborhoods, especially ones where we have lived for a significant part of our lives, often seems like a difficult decision. However, sometimes the situations do not allow us to make a choice of our own. In these circumstances, one has to accept the change and move on with life.

Moving to a new neighborhood in the UAE may seem like a tough decision to many. After all, you are nostalgic about leaving your old home, and then the looming dilemma of choosing the perfect neighborhood exists. But does perfection really exist?

Well, if you know what you want out of the neighborhood you are moving into, it sure does and also might want to consider real estate agencies in Dubai. It all depends on your own priorities and choices. So, if you are wondering what elements of moving to a new neighborhood you need to keep in consideration before making the final decision, then read on. We will explore 6 things you will need to keep in mind before moving to a new neighborhood. 

1. Lifestyle 

When moving to a new neighborhood in the UAE, make sure that the standards match your lifestyle. In order to ensure that your choice would best align with your interests, you need to make a note of your preferences. 

Then you’ll know what traits you have to look for when choosing a neighborhood in the UAE.For instance, if you are an active person, then having a gym or sports center near your villa will be a good option. 

Moreover, if you choose to opt for a home amongst the modern villas for sale in Sharjah, then you may be interested in finding a location near cafes, community centers, and malls. After all, socializing is an integral part of maintaining a high-end lifestyle. All-in-all at the end of the day, it all boils down to your personal preference. 

2. Location 

There is something in life that you cannot compromise on. Especially if you are living with your family and you can afford it. Amongst those pivotal elements of life, location tops the list when you move to a new neighborhood. In the UAE location of your home will serve a crucial role in your choice. 

Depending on your needs, you will need to ensure that your home is located centrally instead of being too far away from important places. These critical locations that need to be near your home include hospitals, public transport stations, and banks. The priority for location may also vary depending on your family structure. 

For example, if you have kids, then you might want to choose an apartment or villa in the UAE that is near to your child’s school. 

3. Distance from work

In the lane of life, let’s face reality, no one in the world likes long commutes. As a matter of fact, research has proven that lengthy communes are responsible for severe mental and physical issues like back pain and depression. 

So, when you decide to move to a new neighborhood in the UAE, you must ensure that your health is top of the list. Ensure that your home location is in a neighborhood near your office or child’s school. A better deal would be a central location that meets your office and school directly or mid-way at least. The best option is to try and aim for a commute that is under 30 minutes. Once that is secured, you are good to go. 

4. Noise levels 

Noise pollution is one of the worst forms of disturbance in the world. This is especially important when one is living in metropolitan cities in the UAE. The crowded areas and neighborhoods often have cheap residential estates, but the downside is the noise level of traffic.

 Some families and students tend to prefer areas that are close to restaurants, cafes, schools, malls, and universities. While it is a good idea to lower the distance of your commute, as previously discussed, the location is not ideal if you are too fond of peace and quiet in the neighborhood. 

So the best option for someone moving to a new neighborhood in the UAE is to opt for a place that ensures centrality along with low noise levels. After all, you do not have to live directly across the street from the school or university. Try to be flexible about your choice and choose wisely. 

5. Grocery Stores 

Before you go ahead and sign a lease, ensure to visit the potential new neighborhood and get to know the area in full detail. Try and find out if there are any supermarkets or grocery stores nearby. Again these do not have to be located directly across your street but should be near the vicinity of your neighborhood. 

This part of the selection process is crucial because you never know when you’ll run out of batteries, a favorite ingredient, or a snack. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so do your homework and make sure that whatever you need is close by at all times. 

6. Family-friendly

If you have a family of your own then you would want to choose a neighborhood in the UAE that is family-friendly. Every parent understands the importance of having a playground or park nearby for their kids to play in. Oftentimes, working moms find it beneficial to have a daycare center present within a short drive. All these little things add to the zest of any neighborhood. So, before moving to a new neighborhood, ensure that it has family-friendly facilities. If your kids have crossed the age of play dates, then it is appropriate to choose a neighborhood in the vicinity of their school. 

To conclude, 

While getting everything one wants out of life is nearly impossible, it is still viable to have an idea of what is “achievable” and “compromisable.” In order to make the right decision about moving to a new neighborhood, ensure that you have figured out your own priorities. Realize what you can compromise on and make peace with the fact that the only “ideal” neighborhood is the one that meets your needs. 


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