A chandelier can be the focal point of any room, and oyster shell chandeliers are no exception to this rule. These lighting fixtures are made from the shells of oysters and other mollusks and come in various styles and sizes. 

An oyster shell chandelier by Benjamin Rugs has the style of an heirloom with the convenience of a brand new fixture to match any style or era of furniture and décor. If you want something simple, understated, and classy but with a fun element of novelty, take a look at this decor piece that fits your style and taste.

Understand the Different Sizes Of The Lamps

Size is the first consideration. If you have a large room, you’ll need an enormous piece. But if you have a smaller space, you can choose a more petite candelabra lamp. You’ll also want to think about the ceiling height of your room. If you have a high ceiling, you’ll need a longer chain or rod to hang your chandelier

Fortunately, they come in various shapes, so you can choose one that fits the overall design style of your home. For example, a round candelabra lamp would look out of place in a contemporary home, and a more angular one might not work well in a traditional home.

Style And Decor Of Your Home

Style plays a vital role in selecting a perfect piece for the home. You’ll want to choose a traditional chandelier if you have a conventional home. But if you have modern decor, you can select a more contemporary chandelier for your room.

The shape of your room will also play a significant role in determining what type of lamp is best suited for it. A round-shaped room is often better served with an oval-shaped fixture because its shape will allow more light to shine through evenly. Rectangular-shaped rooms usually work best with rectangular-shaped fixtures because the structure is balanced. It’s also essential to remember that most fixtures should not exceed 5 feet high or 8 feet wide.

Consider the Finishing and Looks

An oyster shell chandelier by Benjamin Rugs is available in various finishes, so you can choose one that complements the other decor pieces in your home. For example, a chrome-finished chandelier would look out of place in a rustic house, while an antique-finished one might not work well in a modern home.

What Kind of Lighting Do You Want?

When choosing a shell-based chandelier, one of the things you will want to consider is the type of light you want. Oyster shell chandeliers give off a soft, diffused light as well as a brighter, more concentrated light. Think about the lighting you would like in your room, and then invest in a chandelier.

Determine The Fixture Type

Whether you’re looking for a rustic seaside feel or something more chic and glamorous, the type of fixture you choose for your oyster shell chandelier can make all the difference. Most fixtures are fixed or adjustable; some even come with a harp. Don’t hesitate to ask a specialist at the store or research online, so there won’t be any surprises later on.

You’ll also need to know how far away the bulb is from where you’ll be sitting to decide how high up the wall or ceiling your fixture will go.


Oyster shell lighting equipment is a beautiful and unique addition to any home and can add a touch of elegance to any room. When shopping for one, keeping the above factors in mind is essential.

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