7 bathtub designs that can enhance your passion2

Designing your interior is the best way to let out your passion and pour your ideas and inspiration. Starting from the living room, bedroom, and hallways, every section of the house needs to contain your passion and ideas. And today I would like to discuss designing your bathroom with the bathtub design to help you enhance your passion for design. Take a look at the 7 Bathtub Designs That Can Enhance Your Passion.

7 bathtub designs that can enhance your passion1

1. Floating Tub

7 Bathtub Designs That Can Enhance Your Passion


The floating tub is the best, it creates an additional for luxe and gorgeous bathroom looks. Moreover, the golden waterpipe is the perfect choice for the final touch. Get it and put it in the middle of your bathroom to create a sophisticated bathroom design.

2. Cooper Tub

7 Bathtub Designs That Can Enhance Your Passion


For you who loved farmhouse bathroom design, then this cooper tub is your best choice. The color and the looks make it a perfect match for your design. Adding some plants to freshen the air, and some patterned wallpaper will be a perfect choice.

3. Built-in Tub

You can also transform your not-so-eye-catchy bathtub into a super awesome bathtub by making it a built-in tub. By doing so, you can design the outer part to enhance the look of the tub. Take a look at this pic, but making a hexagonal outer part for the built-in, Commune Design successfully transforms it into the awesome bathtub.

4. Marble Tub

I dislike a plain white bathtub, then try to use Marble Bath Tub. By doing so, you can get textured and patterned to fill the plain wall and floor. Or you can also combine a Marble bathtub with a patterned tile floor in your bathroom.

5. Concrete Tub

Well, some people prefer porcelain tubs because they look pretty and gorgeous. But sometimes to let the true beauty out you need to op-out from the mainstream. Just like how Alison Babcock chooses to use a concrete bathtub for her bathroom.

6. Black Tub

People always choose the white tub because it looks cleaner and makes the space looks wider. But since you already have a wide space, why don’t you try to use a black bathtub? If you use a black bathtub then you can use it as a centerpiece or focal point in your plain white bathroom.

7. Highlight Your Tub

Other than using a black tub, you can also use other colors for the bathtub. Just like how Alexander Angle used a blue deep ocean color for the bathtub to match the sailing art on the wall.

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