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Sleep is an essential part of anyone’s day. This is especially true for children.

They should get the appropriate amount of sleep while having a comfortable bed. That’s why I suggest that you buy organic pillows for your child.


What Are Organic Pillows?

You have probably come across pillows that claim to be “organic.” Whether you go to your local department store or your favorite website to buy such products, there is most likely a section dedicated to non-toxic pillows for kids.

As the name suggests, organic pillows are made of organic materials. They can range from buckwheat and wool to even organic cotton.

Now can we say that they are totally free from chemicals? Well, not necessarily.

But no need to worry. Although some chemicals are present, most organic pillows make it a point to exclude harsh and toxic ones. At the same time, they ensure that pillows are made of more natural ingredients than synthetic chemicals.

Here are some examples of organic pillows that you might come across.

Organic Cotton

The cotton used for these pillows is free of chemicals and pesticides typically found in traditional pillows. 

Organic Wool

The wool used for the pillow is known to be resistant to fire, making it a safe and secure option for your child. 

They are also resistant to microbes such as dust mites and mildew. This makes it easier for you to sleep at night knowing your child is safe from potential harm.

Organic Kapok

This type of pillow is made of kapok seed pods found in tropical trees. They do not have harsh chemicals and have silkier fiber compared to cotton. 

Why Go Organic?

Organic or environmentally friendly products have been on the rise as of late. This can also be applied to mattresses and pillows. 

For a long time, traditional pillows are still on the market. Many of these pillows are made of harmful chemicals that can be a health hazard for us and the environment.

In response, organically made pillows are flourishing, making their way into many homes.

Now let’s get into why you should start buying organic pillows for your kids.



A lot of these organic pillows are safe for the environment since they use little to no harsh chemicals in their production.

These pillows are sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

The materials are also recyclable. If you feel that they might be losing their comfort value, you don’t have to resort to throwing them out. 

Because natural ingredients are present in these products, you can have them remade and modified, making their usage more worthwhile.

And even if you feel they have reached the limit of their use, you can still use the material for other uses due to their recyclability.


Just as these pillows are good for the environment, they are also good for your child’s health.

Health should be a priority for your child and sleep is a vital part of that health development.

The minimum amount of sleep that kids should have is 8 hours. But having the minimum amount of sleep is not enough. 

You want to ensure that the place where your child sleeps is comfortable and health-friendly. 

The pillows you will buy should not irritate your child’s skin. Your child will be sleeping for 8 hours, and they should be sleeping soundly without any irritation.

Also, it is not like you can check up on them every hour to see if they are having problems sleeping.

You can avoid this if the material of your child’s pillows is safe for the skin. Luckily, natural wool and cotton do not cause irritation whatsoever. They are very soft and gentle, perfect for your child’s skin.

Another thing to consider is the potential risk of microbes. This will be much more difficult to check due to their size, but they will pose a risk. 

Once they enter your child’s body, this will cause major consequences for them.

Natural ingredients do not attract such microbes making the place sleep-friendly. You can now sleep soundly knowing your child is having good quality sleep too.


Another dilemma you might encounter is the possibility of your child being allergic to the bedding, mattress, or pillows. 

Organic pillows do not have allergens present in the production, so this dramatically decreases the possibility of your child contracting allergies. No need to worry about severe allergic reactions first thing in the morning.


Moving on from safety and environmentally friendliness comes your next possible concern. Are these pillows comfortable?

Apart from having a safe sleep, you would want your child to have a good night’s sleep. Nothing says discomfort than turning your head left and right and feeling your head sinking in deeper due to it being too lumpy.

You don’t need to worry about that. The materials that are being used are of excellent quality. These products are also made with care and under strict sanitary guidelines. 

They were also made with the intention of your child getting comfortable and quality sleep.

Another added bonus is their accommodation to different sleeper types. Your child might be the type to enjoy a softer pillow or they might prefer something else. You have the option to choose the kind of pillow that caters to the kind of sleeper your child is.


As mentioned above, these are not made cheaply.

These are strong and durable because they were made with safety and quality in mind. They will definitely last longer compared to synthetic pillows.


For the health of your child, they must have good and healthy sleep. Everything from the amount of sleep to what they sleep on should be considered.

Organic pillows have made their breakthrough and are now accessible to many people, which is a good thing. 

Anything that significantly benefits the environment and your child’s health should be welcomed and promoted.

Next time you go shopping for pillows, be sure to keep these things in mind!

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