Living by the sea is the ultimate fantasy for people. Many people vacation at the beach, where they lie on the sand and listen to the waves. Attractive are the ocean views, sea water, and beach immediately outside the door.

To help you identify the finest places to live beside the ocean-side, the following factors are discussed: the beauty of the destination; the seaside lifestyle; the urban and neighborhood design; and, for new destinations, aspects of expat life, such as ease of transfer and real estate ownership.

People are drawn to seaside neighborhoods for a variety of enticing reasons, including the ability to hear waves crashing against the shore from their porch, watch the dawn every morning from the beach, and feel the sand between their toes whenever they like.

Famous Places for a Perfect Ocean-Side Community

Gasparilla Island

This small island is situated on the sparkling Gulf of Mexico between Fort Myers and Sarasota, and it features seven miles of sugar-sand beaches. Rich businessmen escaping the icy North, tarpon-obsessed fisherman, and nautical pleasure cruisers in vessels of all shapes and sizes arrive with the seasons.

People enjoy residing there frequently. Boca Grande is the heart of Gasparilla culture, with pastel homes and palm-lined lanes, no traffic lights, and a laid-back Preppy attitude.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, a major tourist attraction and one of the top beach cities in the United States, is a wonderful spot to live close to the ocean. Due to its 1100 restaurants, 90+ sports facilities, and retail centers like Broadway at the Beach, this city on the East Coast offers a plethora of opportunities in the hospitality industry.

Obviously, there is more to this South Carolina coastal town than labor. Local attractions such as Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, which contains the Sky Wheel, fantastic restaurants, annual festivals, and beach access, provide a multitude of family-friendly activities. In addition, Myrtle Beach has excellent real estate prospects, since it is one of the greatest areas to purchase vacation houses and a leading location for Airbnb rentals.

Naples, Florida


Not only is Naples, Florida, an amazing spot to live near the seaside, but it is also one of the greatest places to live in the United States. With its mild Gulf Coast weather and residential waterways, Naples is a perfect location for outdoor enthusiasts and water lovers. In addition, this Florida city provides excellent career prospects and activities. You can get employment with fortune 600 firms such as Oracle, Marriott International, and Harley-Davidson and you can hang out in Historic downtown, which is packed with shops, restaurants, and nightlife.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a leading city for oceanfront living since it is one of the greatest locations to live on the Eastern Seaboard and among the best cities for leisure. With exposure to Boston Harbor, Atlantic Ocean, and Massachusetts Bay; this New England city offers an abundance of activities.  Boston’s connection to the ocean is not its only asset. You can acquire a degree from universities such as Northeastern University and Winthrop University, which are highly regarded. That’s why the price of new properties in Winthrop is slightly more than in other Boston neighborhoods. Here, you can also discover jobs with Fortune 500 firms such as General Motors and Liberty Mutual, as well as visit historically significant landmarks.

San Diego, California

Humility is one of the biggest attractions of this southernmost California coastal community. Which makes it all the sweeter a discovery for living the good life, labeled by 70 miles of coastal plain and stunningly beautiful beaches, and ideal weather, a local enthusiasm for healthy lifestyles and exercise, livable neighborhoods filled with historic homes ranging from bungalows to Spanish Revivals, and a various economic base that includes the U.S. Navy, universities and research institutes, technology, and the greatest craft beer culture in the United States.

Landfall, NYC

Landfall is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the south. Landfall comprises more than 2,200 acres of tranquil, coastal living along the Waterfront and across from Wrightsville Beach in the heart of historical Wilmington, North Carolina. The Landfall neighborhood is centered by the private, community-owned country club of landfall, which has an international membership.

On the campus of UNCW are the Thalian Hall Center for Performing Arts, Screen Gems Studios, and Kenan Auditorium, as well as cultural events such as the North Carolina Jazz Festival and the Azalea Festival, outdoor recreation including boating, fishing, surfing, and kayaking, and arts and historical culture.

Living near the ocean affords the chance to wake up each morning and watch the waves wash in, breathe in the fresh sea air, and even take a stroll on the sand. It is the daily sensation of serenity and feeling revitalized while away from the hustle and bustle of city life. These cities are the most renowned in the United States and provide more opportunities than any other ocean-side community. Last thing, before acquiring a new home in that area, make sure to verify every aspect.

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