Unexpected ways to refresh your kitchen as the essential space2

The kitchen is the essential space of the home role double or even triple duty as a space for cooking, dining, and entertaining. Through its duties, the kitchen must-have schedule and tricks to be renovated to improve its function. I just finished remodeling my kitchen and I wanted to share some tips and tricks with other people who may also be interested in remodeling their kitchens. When I was shopping for items, many of the things were at a better price on Black Friday. One of the great benefits of Black Friday deals is that many items are cheaper because stores like to clear out inventory before they close up shop for the holidays.

Unexpected ways to refresh your kitchen as the essential space1

Matte Black Paint For Drama

Matte black paint for drama Unexpected Ways To Refresh Your Kitchen As The Essential Space


First, if you are not interested in neutrals or bright hues to renovate your kitchen, you may go with black cabinets in a flat or matte finish. Black shades are believed to create a dramatic space. Then, they will look pop when paired with other rich colors and gold finishes. Besides, it can show a clean minimalist look with bright whites and slate grays. Last, when the paint is formulated for cabinets, not wall or trim paint, it will make an easy cleaning and longevity.

Mix-Match Cabinet Finishes

Mix-match cabinet finishes Unexpected Ways To Refresh Your Kitchen As The Essential Space


Do not think something difficult or huge in renovating your kitchen. Even the smallest changes can offer you a totally new look in handles and drawer pulls that are a smart quick update. Thus, using the mix and match cabinet finishes is a smart start to get the look with great dimension. This idea proofs you that you will never go wrong picking hardware that looks similar but distinct. You may think choosing a silver tone in a variety of styles is a good idea.

Amazing Art Through The Wall With A Tiled Backsplash

You will have no worry when getting cooking stains off a painted wall because tile makes everything easy to clean. A tile backsplash is beyond functional moreover when you run the tiles all the way up the ceiling. So, when your countertop is speckled and has a crowded pattern, you may choose a larger tile with little pattern. Then you may choose the backsplash with motion or bold color if your countertop is solid.

Glam With Brass Accents And Jewel Tones

Create a wow kitchen look by using bold jewel tones on the island or cabinets. Here, the royal blue and emerald green are classic and dramatic as an upgrading kitchen look. After that, feat the bold colors with brass accents to achieve a glamour look. After that, the light fixtures are a smart place to incorporate a hint of brass into the space.

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