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Today, you won’t have to search far and wide to find blogs, magazines, and TV programs focused on home design ideas. Whether you’re casually scrolling your favorite social media platforms, grocery shopping, or using the TV as a source of background noise, sooner or later, you’ll surely see some brilliant interiors and sleek modern buildings.

Such situations will likely fill you with inspiration, especially if you’ve been thinking about renovating your own home or you’re in the process of building one. Drawing inspiration from the most creative minds out there is an excellent idea. After all, there are so many possibilities, even when it comes to things as ordinary as windows. 

According to the experts from OptiLight, the right windows can instantly elevate the whole look of your house and help it appear absolutely stunning both from the inside and outside. However, it’s no secret that different window styles have benefits and disadvantages – there’s a lot to consider when “window shopping.” 

Continue reading the article below to learn more about some of the best-looking windows you can choose for your home.

Picture Windows

Perfect for floor-to-ceiling designs, picture windows are fixed, non-opening windows that come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. You can opt for a skinny, rectangular picture window or choose to turn the entire wall of your living room into one big viewing spot. 

They can work particularly well if you’ve got some truly amazing views outside and want to be able to admire them at all times, with no obstacles in the form of grilles or thick frames obstructing the view.

Picture windows can be an excellent choice for people who prefer minimalism and value natural daylight. Still, despite all these advantages, it’s also important to talk about their downsides. Picture windows won’t be as energy efficient as smaller windows that don’t take up almost the entire wall. 

They don’t open, so you won’t be able to air the room out. In the wintertime, a lot of heat will escape through the picture window, and in the summer, the room that features it could be the hottest one in the entire house.


Skylights let plenty of natural light and warmth even into the gloomiest spaces. They work particularly well in windowless rooms, dark hallways, and stairways, but you can also add one to a big kitchen that doesn’t get enough natural light from the rest of the windows due to its size or shape. 

Skylights are built into the roof and can be either fixed or vented. If you opt for the latter type, you will be able to open your roof window and let some fresh air into the room. A bit of venting can help get rid of excessive moisture and keep your house smelling fresh. 

Moreover, thanks to a skylight, you won’t have to turn on extra lights even on a rainy and sunless day, which can help you save a few bucks on the energy bill.

The main drawback that may prevent some people from installing a skylight is the price. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that even though skylights tend to be quite expensive, the total sum will depend on the materials, such as the type of frame, glazing, or opening mechanism. You also will likely need professional help to install a skylight on your roof, which brings an additional cost. 

Still, it’s better to think about this as a worthwhile investment that will brighten up your home and serve you well for years to come. 

Sash Windows

Sash windows are one of the most popular choices among the vast majority of homeowners, primarily due to how affordable yet effortlessly stylish they can be. They work particularly well for living rooms, home offices, and bedrooms but can be installed in the whole house for a cohesive yet elegant look. 

If you get sash windows, you will also increase the value of your home, should you ever decide to sell it.

Sash windows usually have two framed panes that slide up and down, but some may also come with one fixed pane that doesn’t move. Their design will allow you to let in plenty of air and sunlight, but if the rays of sunshine ever start getting on your nerves, you won’t have any trouble finding affordable yet high-quality blinds that you should be able to install yourself. 

These windows offer superior ventilation but may not be the best choice if you’re not willing to clean them regularly and make sure they stay in good shape. Some degree of maintenance will certainly be required so that the cords don’t get frayed, or the frames don’t get warped and stiff.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a few (usually three) windows grouped together to extend from the house. They are the perfect mix of interesting design and functionality. Inside, they can create a cozy bay or shelf that can be used for either storage or sitting. You can also decorate your private little bay and simply admire how stunningly beautiful it looks.

Bay windows used to be all the rage during the Victorian and Edwardian eras, but today’s designers found a way to modernize them. Of course, if you want to, you can still install a classic-looking bay window, but you can also opt for more rectangular or almost box-like shapes that allow for a more panoramic view. 

Modern bay windows can be quite expensive, but if you decide to invest in them, you can expect many compliments from everyone who strolls by your house. These windows will certainly let a lot of natural light in, but installing them on your own won’t be a good idea. They’re also an excellent way to add more square footage to an otherwise small room.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of different options to choose from when looking for new windows for your house. Whether you’re renovating a fixer-upper or building your first nest, you should definitely pay attention to some modern ideas that will look stunning and add value to your property.

The possibilities listed above are just the tip of an iceberg, but at the same time make for some of the most interesting, timeless, and easy-to-modernize choices. You can highlight an astonishing view by installing a picture window or letting more natural light in with the help of a skylight. Sash windows will work great if you value good ventilation, and bay windows will make your house stand out from other buildings on the block.

Whichever type of window you choose, ensure it addresses your family’s needs and fits perfectly with your home’s overall style and appearance. Good luck!

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