Being outside can do wonders for your wellbeing, and it can really lift your mood to spend time with your loved ones at the same time. A great way to do this is by throwing a garden party for everyone to enjoy. But it can be hard to know where to start. When you throw a party indoors, you’ve already got seating, entertainment, and lights. However, when you decide to host a garden party, you now need to think about how you’re going to bring all of that outside. So, if you want to design a fun garden party, keep reading and find out just how easy it can be! 

Giant Inflatables

If you’ve ever been to any sort of exciting event, you’ll most likely have seen giant inflatables. These can really add a whole new level of entertainment to your party. You could go for inflatable bounce houses or even inflatable planets! You could go for something simple too, like an inflatable champagne bottle to set the theme for the evening or perhaps you want to go for water themed inflatables to go alongside the pool. Whatever you decide, you’ll be able to bring a super fun factor to your party! People might not have seen a bouncy castle since they were kids, so hiring one for your party can help them feel like a child again and enjoy some carefree bouncing time. 

Create Your Own Bar

No party is completely without something good to drink, and it doesn’t always have to be alcohol. So, why not create your very own personalised bar that has all of your guest’s favourite drinks. You could have a mixture of all their top drinks and a few special concoctions of your own. You could even draw up your very own menu and allow your guests to choose from a wide selection of delicious drinks. There are plenty of gorgeous bar carts on the market nowadays too, so you can find something that really suits the theme of your party. So, don’t rely on shop bought cans and bottles, and instead treat you and your loved ones to something truly spectacular. They’ll definitely appreciate the extra effort that you’ve put in. 

If you expect a large crowd or excessive heat, it might be wise for anyone looking to buy machine-producing ice cubes. This can ensure that all your beverages stay calm throughout the party duration.

Have A Backyard Picnic

If you don’t fancy cooking loads of food and perhaps don’t have heaps of seating, why not make the most of the ground and pop down a picnic blanket. You could go all out and get a large basket, flasks filled with tea and coffee, and even a small wireless speaker so you can all enjoy music too. You don’t have to stick to the same old picnic food options either. Why not pick up a few packets of your favourite snacks and sandwiches that are already made. This way you can forgo cooking completely. You might even go one step further and order food instead! You won’t even have to leave the house to get it then. So, why not treat you and your friends to a little backyard picnic this year, and you’ll be able to enjoy the sunshine and each other’s company. 

Have A Food Theme

If you and your friends are all about the food, then why not make it a challenge and set a theme that you all have to follow. You could have a Mexican food inspired night or ask everyone to bring their favourite dish from their childhood. Not only will you have an abundance of food, but you won’t have to worry about making all of it! You may even end up trying dishes you’ve never even heard of before and discover a new favourite. People will hopefully bring their dishes in their own tubs that they’ll take home or disposable ones that you can get rid of afterwards. That means no dirty dishes for you at the end of a long evening either! Try having a food themed garden party and you’ll definitely have a delicious evening with your friends.

Add Lighting

While being in the garden can be lovely during the day. However, when the sun goes down, you’ll soon find that you’re all sitting in the dark and can barely see your hands in front of your face. So, make sure that you add some lighting to your garden beforehand, and you’ll be able to enjoy your garden party for much longer. You could try fairy lights as they really give the garden a magical feeling and provide just enough ambient light. Alternatively, you could go for solar powered lamps that make the most of the sunshine and dazzle you in the evening. So, don’t forget to bring some light to your garden party and you’ll be able to make it last all night! 

Go All Out Flowers

Flowers are essential in any garden, so why not make them an integral part of your party and choose a theme of flowers. You could ask everyone to dress in some sort of floral pattern and to only bring drinks that have some sort of plant flavour in them like elderflower. You could then make all the table décor based on flowers as well, so that the theme is carried over to every little aspect of your party. If you want to get really fancy, you could look into edible flowers and use them to dress up your food for the party. The possibilities are endless when it comes to flowers, so try to incorporate them anywhere that you can. 

Garden parties are super fun, and they can really make a dull day bright. But make sure that you do get plenty of planning in beforehand, so you can ensure that it goes off without a hitch. Try to bring some sparkle to your evening by hanging twinkling lights. And don’t forget about the fun factor either and try hiring some giant inflatables to really get the party off with a bang. So, if you’re planning on having a fun garden party, try to use some of these tips and you’ll definitely create a night to remember.

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