Most wanted faux fireplace ideas to warm up your space in winter2

If you are dreaming of a cozy faux fireplace, the ideas below are created for you. They will give you not only a cozy yet functional faux fireplace.

Most wanted faux fireplace ideas to warm up your space in winter1

Stand-Out Standalone Faux Fireplace

Stand-out standalone faux fireplace Most Wanted Faux Fireplace Ideas To Warm Up Your Space In Winter


Everyone will be amazed to see this extra-tall electric version of real fireplace moonlights that role as a room divider and accent wall. The beautiful wooden panels here juxtapose with white veined marble and a dark grey for a soothing focal point.

Impress With The Height

Impress with the height Most Wanted Faux Fireplace Ideas To Warm Up Your Space In Winter


Impress everyone with an eye-catching element. This fireplace idea is stock wood to fit the height of the firebox. This inexpensive addition will add a load of texture and visual appeal to the space as blends beautifully with the whole space’s decoration.


A faux fireplace made from wood and brick will be smart to mimic a real fireplace. You may attach built-ins on both sides for a symmetrical aesthetic that provides storage and create serenity. After that, nestling in a few pieces of natural wood inside the firebox will polish the whole look.

Boho Stove Of Mantel Combo

Create a boho relaxing vibe with subtle colors and neutral tones. There is a freestanding electric stove that provides ample heat when the temperature around your home drops. On the other hand, the whole look of this design idea successfully creates a focal point.

Paint The Ship-lap Navy

Look at this faux fireplace with a sleek appearance. It looks so eye-catching as a focal point and blends beautifully with the TV that achieving a bespoke look. You may copy this design by installing an electrical fireplace that will stimulate real flames. After that, you can enclose it in a ceiling-high mantel covered in ship-lap and soak the whole unit in a dramatic bold hue.

Botanical Faux Fireplace

What a marvelous faux fireplace idea. Presenting a faux fireplace in a greenhouse or indoor or outdoor sun room is lovable. You may just fill the room including a faux fireplace with fresh flowers. You may also include a freestanding wood stove to create a utilitarian space.

Faux Fireplace For Storage

If your space is limited, you may use a faux fireplace as your storage. It can be a place to hide unsightly clutter by adding baskets that span the depth, height, and width. After that, add a coy throw over an artistic sculpture or a wicker basket. As the result, your room will look tidy, clean, and enjoyable.

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