After having the same design in your home for a long time, it tends to feel old and boring. You want to upgrade the look to make it fresh and current. However, you might be worried about the time and effort the project would need, especially if you are busy with your daily routine. You don’t require significant changes in your home to make it look appealing. Instead, there are minor tweaks that you can do that make a substantial impact. Plus, you can do some of them simultaneously. You can tackle the changes little by little to what your time would allow until you complete the upgrade. 

Swap your coffee or side table

Since your coffee or side table has been there for a long time, you may no longer notice it. However, a simple change on that small table can make a huge difference. Go for a different shape, material, or design from your old one to give your space a different feel. For example, you may want a glass and metal combination for a modern look or a Scandinavian table for a minimalist style from your old rustic wooden table. 

Improve your lighting

Poor lighting can affect the mood of your home. It wouldn’t be able to highlight its design, and the space may also feel gloomy and unwelcoming. Change your lighting to make the place look brighter and homier. Plus, it also makes the room more spacious, which is helpful if yours have limited space. While at it, select lighting fixtures that also double as decorative pieces, so you’re hitting two birds with one stone. 

Add chic lampshades

A chic lampshade in your living room and bedroom can be a game changer. Forget about the white lampshades typical in homes, and be more playful but still elegant with your choice. Examples are silk lamp shades with pleats available in different textures and designs. They will effectively upgrade the look of your room and turn it from a lifeless space to an elegant one. If you want something even more unique, you can have one tailored-made to your taste. 

Bring in flowers and plants.

Flowers and plants aren’t only for outdoors, but you can bring them indoors too. They give an instant lift and life to any space. Place them in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. They are aesthetically appealing and also have benefits for your health. Plants help clean air, thus improving indoor air quality. They can also help relieve stress and boost productivity. 

Use rugs

Adding one in your living room or bedroom will make the space look elegant. It also adds warmth, which is helpful in the winter season. High-quality rugs can be costly, but they are excellent investments if you want a luxurious home style. 

Hang wall decors

Spruce up those empty spaces on your wall with attractive wall decors. Paintings, macramé wall art and decorative mirrors are excellent options.

Upgrading the look of your home doesn’t always have to be large scale. There are simple changes you can make that produce a big difference. 

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