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A new additional member of Nasdaq-listed PDD, Temu, just launched in September this year. Temu is a multi-category online marketplace that was built with the ultimate goal to ensure that consumers can enjoy a stress-free shopping experience. With the rise of Temu, now customers can easily purchase high-quality products at a very affordable price.

As a multi-category marketplace, customers can also find almost anything on Temu’s platform. Temu offers a wide berth of product types that will definitely help to satisfy each of their customers’ needs.

Not only due to its affordable yet high-quality products, but these Temu’s 4 customer-centric approaches will also delight you as a customer!

Free Shipping

Temu’s delivery policy is particularly made to ensure that shopping is much more enjoyable for customers to do. One of the ultimate benefits that you can get as a Temu customer is you will be able to buy lots of products from a variety of global merchants, with free shipping!

On top of that, as a new user you will get three opportunities for free shipping without minimum purchase orders required. If you already use the coupons, you will still be eligible for free shipping if your purchase total is more than $29!

This is far less expensive than one of its competitors, Amazon, which offers free shipping on orders above US$35! 

Compensation On Late Delivery

Temu understands for the customer to have a high level of satisfaction after shopping online, the shipping process needs to be done smoothly. Late delivery can be one of the ultimate things that destroy customers’ day and make their trust level on the shopping platform decrease. But at the same time, late shipment is still a possibility that might happen due to unplanned situations such as weather or logistical issues.

To ensure the customer can still be comfortable and satisfied despite this issue, Temu created a new pledge for its customer. Promising to give a $5 delivery credit for any late delivery. This move shows that Temu is committed to providing customers not just with high-quality products but also excellent service through this newly-add delivery pledge.

Easy Return and Refund Process

The products that you have purchased online might or might not satisfy you. You can never really be sure until it arrives on your doorstep. If in fact, you do not like the Temu product that you recently got, you can easily have it returned and get a refund through Temu’s platform. You just need to make sure that you follow all of the step-by-step instructions that Temu’s provided, to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Round The Clock Customer Service

If you have any issues while utilizing Temu’s platform, have a question related to your shipment, or any other concern you might have, rest easy because Temu provides you with easy to contact customer service. The customer service team is always available around-the-clock, thus you can contact them anytime you want!

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