Other than the fact that Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital, the city is also famous for being a place of magic. It is called the city of fairy tales, for it is often the setting for famous fantasy films. 

The city reflects a profound culture and history of Europe. Due to this, foreigners come to vist all year round. 

You can expect an influx of people in Copenhagen during the holidays. The city alone has been home to excellent food and art scene for decades. So, being here will not disappoint, as you can find all your wanderlust cravings in one place. That said, it is a must-visit place whenever you travel to Europe. 

Take a look at the beautiful lodgings where you would see the magical side of the city comes to life.

Where can you find the best lodging houses in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a big city in a small country. As the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is where you can find the best lodging locations in the country. 

Whether you are travelling in or out of budget, there are places you can check out in the city. Here are the best areas you can find lodging in Copenhagen:

Indre By (Inner city)

This is the downtown and centre area of Copenhagen. It holds the administrative district of the city. With much influence over the reign of King Christian IV, Indre is rich in historical landmarks. 

The city’s main shopping area is called Strøget. this is where you would go if you wish to shop on your visit. Indre By is a definite area to find lodging. 

It features a touch of medieval ages where you can visit museums and churches. You can also visit Rosenborg Castle and Christiansborg Slot near the area. 

You can also find nearby the National Museum of Denmark. If you’re into art, museums like Designmuseum Danmark and Davids Samling are also here.

Indre by is where you can find the Nyhavn. It is a 17th-century waterfront and canal. If you want to shop in a flea market, Indre by has Torvehallerne. 

You can check into five-star accommodations like this. The Hotel d’Angleterre and Skt Petri are famous lodgings in the area. 


Østerbro has many family-areas fit for a family tourist. Nearby is Parken, the home of the FC Copenhagen soccer team. There are also many nature sites your family can enjoy. That is perfect if you want a serene and quiet place to stay.

Østerbro has many trendy restaurants a family can dine. Noticeably, Østerbro has cobblestone streets. These streets have many stylish and colourful buildings. 

Most of these areas are apartments and stores, which many tourists can visit. If you want to try public transport, Østerbro has six train stations. Or you can try renting a bike for easier moving around in the area.


The neighbourhood is enjoyed for its diversity. Nørrebro is a great hang-out spot that you can go to with your travel buddy.

If you travel on a budget, Norrebro is your sure destination. They offer budget lodgings like Globalhagen Hostel. 

If you have more budget, famous hotel like Hotel Nora Copenhagen is also in the area. 


Christianshavn or the King’s Harbour is between Zealand and Amager island. It used to be part of the Indre By but now has a separate local council. 

The neighbourhood is a charming place that captures tourists for its waterside views and canals. Christianshavn has many hotels, apartments, and lodging areas you can check out. 

If you are looking for a picturesque place to stay, the Christianshavn area is the one for you. 


You can find the Vesterbro area in the west of the Inner City. Vesterbro is also known as the red light district of Copenhagen. The nightlife in the area is incredible. If you want to enjoy and party out, Vesterbro is the best district for you. 

Vesterbro has many budget-friendly restaurants you can dine. Regardless of your budget, you can find quality tourist locations in Vesterbro. If you want to see hip and authentic Danes shops, Vesterbro should be your pick. 

Final Notes

If you plan to visit Copenhagen, familiarise yourself first with its people and culture. Find someone from the hood who can show you around. That way finding a place for you to stay will not be burdensome.

If you find yourself chatting with the locals, don’t fret since most locals speak English. You can avoid getting lost in translation while having your way around the city. You can talk with visitors like you to whom you can ask in the area.

So if you want to immerse yourself in the locals, you should visit in the Summer (June to September). It is best to learn about the city from its residents, and they can show you the magic of experiencing Copenhagen’s eccentric side.

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