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Whether you are a homeowner, a landlord, or a tenant, water in your home is essential.

It is far too easy to assume that when you move into a new house, all is hunk-dory with the plumbing. However, in the case of older houses, some maintenance may be needed to bring the plumbing up to code and to ensure that your home or property does not become damaged. 

Unless you are a plumber, it is not worth attempting to do this yourself, as you may cause more problems. So, what are some of the signs that you should hire a plumber to fix your plumbing?

Slow Drainage

The first sign to look for is slow drainage in a sink.

This can indicate a blockage just under the plughole or a more significant one further into the pipe. Either way, if you notice that one of your sinks is slow to drain or has ceased draining altogether, you should look for a plumber St. Louis to diagnose and fix the issue

Low Water Pressure

If you have just moved into a new home, it can be hard to estimate the water pressure that should be expected. In fact, whether you are buying or renting a home, one of the things to check for on the initial viewing is the water pressure, as this will help you to identify problems later on.

If the pressure has dropped from a gush to a drip, you should seek the help of a professional plumber, as there may be a blockage in the pipes or with the taps themselves. 

Bad Smells

If there is one thing you don’t want when you pull the drain in your bath or in your sink, it’s a bad smell radiating up from the drains. 

There are many potential causes of bad smells coming from plumbing. The first is a blockage, the second is an issue with the local sewage system, and the third is a problem with your water tank. Whatever the reason is, you try to unplug the drain with a plunger and some cleaner first. If this doesn’t work and the smells worsen, you should hire a plumber and drain cleaner to assess the pipes for blockages or other issues.

Colored Water

There are fewer things more disconcerting than running a bath only to see that the water is not clear, especially if it is brown or yellow.

Also, when it comes to hued or colored water in a home, it is rarely isolated to one tap, so the water you put into your kettle may also be an unusual color. Not great! As soon as you notice this, it would be best if you aimed to contact a plumber for an emergency call-out. Do not drink the water until you are given the all-clear!

Higher Water Bills

Has your water bill skyrocketed for a reason? It may be time to call in a plumber, as it is highly likely that there is a leak somewhere in your home.

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