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House sharing is fun as you get much leeway when it comes to sharing costs. Things can get tricky though if you have to move out, whether it’s you or the whole household, there are many things to consider. It does not matter if you live with your best friend or the person you love the most, you would have to settle numerous matters that can easily get overwhelming. Moving out of a share house is truly manageable. 

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To make things smoother for you, you should take note of the following tips: 

Know the importance of proper notice.

Appropriate notice is essential. A casual, “I’m moving out next week!” will not suffice. The thing is, you would more or less have a notice period that you’d have to observe. You’d normally be aware of this during your move-in. If you have none in your contract, a notice period is somewhere between 2 – 4 weeks. Such a period is followed even if you’re not an official leaseholder. You should observe this period during your notice. Everyone should be duly informed and notified two to four weeks before your actual move. 

Prioritize packing.

Packing is usually a cause of delay during move-out. Believe it or not, this is easily avoidable. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by it. People commonly dedicate a day or two to packing only to end up shocked that more than a day or two is necessary. Packing is draining – physically, mentally, and emotionally. To handle it well, you should organize early and spread the task. Dedicate at least two weeks of packing items day by day. Dedicating an hour or two for packing for two weeks is way more manageable than packing everything in just a day or two. You’d have the tendency to forget things if you squeezed all packing work in just a few days. If you want things to be easier, you could also book removalists that can help you with packing. 

Don’t leave traces of your stay.

It should be your top priority to make it seem like you never stayed in the house in the first place. It will not be pleasant for your old housemates if they’d have to deal with your clutter and mess. If you have no intention whatsoever of leaving memorabilia, please ensure that all personal designs and aesthetic choices are removed. You would want the person who would replace you to have an easier time making your old space his or hers. Don’t forget to remove posters and photos on the wall if you have any. You can choose to repaint walls if you have the time. 

Schedule wisely.

The main reason why people get overwhelmed with moving out is they often forget to take scheduling seriously. Move-out delays are common because people fail to consider moving out as an actual project.  A project requires a definite timeline to ensure success. This is the same with moving out. You should have all important dates determined and duly observed. If you plan to work with a removalist, you should book at least a month early to secure your preferred date. You should then pack your things and prepare all necessary documents around that time. A closely observed schedule will leave you relaxed and free from any kind of stress. 

Clean up well.

You should clean up really well during your move-out. Consider it as an act of care and courtesy to your old housemates and the person who will be moving into your old space. We’re not talking about regular cleaning here. Your cleaning should be extensive. You should opt for a deep clean. Use the vacuum, and if you can, as suggested earlier, do consider repainting the walls. You shouldn’t forget to dust and wipe down all surfaces. Don’t skip cleaning the inside of the cabinets. All appliances should also get wiped down. Bathtubs, showers, sinks, and toilets should be scrubbed and cleaned really well. 

Mind your pay.

Failing to commit to financial agreements often causes rifts and conflicts during move-out. Pay promptly on dates agreed upon. Don’t make it necessary for your old housemates to have to message you to inquire if you still intend to pay. You should not burden them at all with costs that you’re fully responsible for. Do remember that they’d be staying in the place and anything that you’d forget to pay and account for, they’d probably have to answer to.  Don’t allow things to get awkward. Keep a record of all payments that you’ve already made for easy reference. Your record should allow you to easily check on all your accountabilities should you get confused or should you forget any payment already made. 

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Be the bigger person.

You should aim to leave on a positive note and in a dignified manner. This applies regardless if you had the worst set of housemates or actual angels on earth as housemates. You should enter into a brand new chapter of your life without leaving anyone feeling bad or resentful. As you’re the one leaving, choose to be the bigger person. If there are things that still need to be discussed, be the one to initiate a conversation. If you need to apologize, do so. It’s best if you’d get to move out without burning any bridges. Life is short and you wouldn’t want to live it thinking that you could’ve done something kind but missed out on the chance. 

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