Up-to-date staircase decoration for the perfect festive christmas2

The staircase and its surrounding area are still important places to incorporate some festive touches. Therefore, the ideas of Up To Date Staircase Decoration For The Perfect Festive Christmas below are good to try.

Up-to-date staircase decoration for the perfect festive christmas1

Stay In Natural Decoration

Stay in natural decoration Up-To-Date Staircase Decoration For The Perfect Festive Christmas


As an up-to-date decoration, you can still have a natural rustic look by allowing garland with branches of various lengths to pop out the view. It will offer you a smart way to reach a cozy and fresh secluded cabin look at home.

Gold Staircase

Gold staircase Up-To-Date Staircase Decoration For The Perfect Festive Christmas


If you want to show a glam decoration for Christmas, you may go with white and gold accents like elegant stockings that complement the elegant grandfather clock nestled beneath the staircase. The result will give you endless decoration with a touch of white, gold, and natural wood on the staircase.

String White Lights

Layer your garland with other festive touches like pinecone-shaped string lights and little village houses will present an astonishing staircase decoration. The setting decoration here is brilliant for everyone who prefers a more subdued color scheme but is still all about embracing this year’s holiday spirit.

Light The Staircase Up

When you want to decorate your staircase for Christmas, it does not need a long winding banister. You may just go with a simple railing that can be jazzed up with the décor. After that, linin the steps with cute flameless candles to add an energetic touch.

Think For Tall

Let your tall side go beyond by hanging ornaments from the ceiling. It is a great way to keep the spirit of the holiday going all throughout the house. No wonder, your guests will feel amazed when seeing this on top decoration even you yourself.

Try Eucalyptus

If you want to try another eye-catching staircase decoration, you may skip the regular garland and go with eucalyptus. After that, scattering ornaments throughout the decoration be a simple way to elevate a classic to the next level.

Decorate On Down Under

Decorate under the staircase and on the half landing with holiday touches such as a mini Christmas tree, decorative star wall light, and a wreath. On the other hand, a pair of fluffy stockings hanging from the open wood slat staircase wall amazingly add some festive warmth to the modern space.

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