The traditional corporate setup requires employees to spend a minimum of seven hours at the office. That is a big number of times that are often filled with sedentary positions. Office furniture is important to the efficiency of these workers. Ergonomic office chairs have seen increased application in offices to enhance the health and productivity of employees.

An ergonomic chair is designed to offer comfort to its user. Why do you need to use an ergonomic office chair in your company?

5 Reasons to Choose Ergonomic Office Furniture

Improved Wellness for Workers

It has been estimated that an average employee spends 13 years of his or her life at the workplace. It simply means that the work posture will have a lasting impact on the health of such workers. The best ergonomic office chair makes work positions convenient. Primarily, ergonomic furniture gives posture support ensuring that too much pressure does not go to a specific part of the body even during long hours of work.

Increased Productivity

There is a direct relationship between the health status of the workforce and the company’s productivity. Using the best ergonomic office chair will cause employees to do better at their jobs. Sitting on a convenient chair for work will help with better blood flow to the body parts of the user. This will in turn increase mental alertness, reduce tiredness and overall increase the productivity of the worker. Once each member of the work team is productive, the whole team becomes more productive. More work will be done in less time and the team is happier for it.

Less Maintenance Cost

Asides from the comfort the workers get from using ergonomic office furniture, the company gets to save money. These chairs are not only built for convenience but are also made to last. Long hours of usage are expected of ergonomic chairs and so they have been made to be sturdy. For the company, less money will be spent on maintaining the office furniture. There will be less purchasing of new chairs for replacement when you make use of the best ergonomic furniture in your company.

Reduced Work-related Injury

Office furniture types and set-up can create hazards for the workers. Work-related injuries are usually caused by working conditions that fail to put the right ergonomic principles into consideration. Office furniture is a key part of the office environment. Investing in the right set of furniture will help reduce injuries at the workplace. Sitting positions of workers have caused several injuries like musculoskeletal disorders and this can be prevented with ergonomic furniture.

Less Worker Compensation Claims

Companies lose money to work-related injury claims by employees. Musculoskeletal disorders like tendinitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome can result from working postures. Employees that suffer from such disorders can receive huge amounts of money in claims from the company. To avoid such loss, the company should use the best furniture. The ergonomics of the workspace prevent unnecessary injuries and disorders that can result in claims.

What to Consider for Ergonomic Office Furniture

There are several office chairs and other furniture to pick from. But how do you know the ones that fit the ergonomic need of your company? You should consider four important things when selecting ergonomic furniture for your employees.


The eyes of a worker should be level with the upper third of the computer screen when working on a computer. The screen itself should be at arm’s length to reduce eye strain. Monitor arms and other mounts are excellent for reaching the right height and distance while allowing staff to simply adjust as needed.

Arm and Elbow

Arms should be parallel to the desk, allowing the wrists to rest comfortably while working and typing. To ensure comfort, choose desks between 27 and 29 inches in length while shopping for office furniture. Adjustable keyboard systems and ergonomic desk accessories are also excellent for typing comfort at fixed desks.

Legs and Feet

The legs should be kept at a 90-degree angle while sitting and the feet flat on the floor. Ergonomics requires office chairs with adjustable heights, armrests, and even headrests. Furthermore, ergonomic office chairs frequently include back support to help encourage and maintain excellent posture during the workday.


Lengthy sedentary positions are increasingly posing health challenges to workers. Sitting for long hours has led to bad posture, weak muscles, and other health problems. Because of this, people now have standing desks and benching systems that let them change between sitting and standing throughout the workday.


It is important to prioritize the working conditions of your employees. Every company should invest in the best ergonomic office chair, as this will result in a chain of positives for the company and its workforce. First, it will result in better health for the employees and increased concentration at work. Happier and healthier workers produce more in less time.

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