The real estate market in Dubai significantly evolves introducing more impressive and beneficial apartments in villas. Foreigners from all over the world prefer to invest in stylish housing units in different neighborhoods either to get income or to move for permanent residence. Most of them choose Dubai Hills. Investment apartments in Dubai Hills are known for their affordability, convenient location, and a huge number of amenities. There is much more to say about the district, but let`s look at the precise facts of what the neighborhood can offer to its residents.

The overview of Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills is an internationally known destination with stylish villas, comfortable apartments, and developed infrastructure. It is part of a newly planned district of Dubai MBR City, where the developers are leading companies Emaar and Meraas Holding. Due to the plan of the developers, the following characteristics will be included:

  • –        residential areas,
  • –        gardens and parks,
  • –        a golf course,
  • –        pedestrian and bicycle paths.

On the territory of more than 11,000 sq meters, 4,600 villas and 22,000 apartments are going to be built. Besides, 197 square meters of office buildings are also preplanned.

The division of Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills is divided into three zones:

  • The golf course, is surrounded by 97 villas and 300 mansions that are part of the Parkways & Fairways complex. This is the central part of the neighborhood;
  • The northern section is adjacent to Al Hail Road, and there will be two shopping centers and medium-rise residential complexes built along a 7-kilometer boulevard with many stores and restaurants.
  • The third zone is a dense development of townhouses and villas in 2 communities, Sidra and Maple. Sidra also consists of 3 phases: the first presents 170 villas, the second – 160, and the third represent approximately 145 villas. In addition, there are many options for apartments that vary in size and are suitable for purchase as an investment. Dubai Hills, the first project launched in the area, is still under construction, but some buildings and complexes are already fully completed and ready for occupancy.

Economic attractiveness of Dubai Hills

Sales trends in Dubai Hills, when the coronavirus pandemic has put most segments of the global economy on hold, are impressive. The total number of sales and purchases in the secondary real estate market amounted to 118 units worth AED 198,570,674, the most expensive purchase was considered to be the purchase of a property for AED 75000000.

The off-market sale included 150 transactions totaling AED 206.8 million, with the most expensive purchase being a 4-bedroom villa in Club Villas for AED 4,853,888. Apartments and villas are currently for sale in the following projects: Sidra, Golf Place, and Maple. At the stage of implementation, you can buy an apartment in Acacia for 325,000 AED, from 160,000 AED and others. As practice shows, this is the real estate in greatest demand on the market for long-term rentals. In Dubai Hills Estate you can find affordable 1 and 2-bedroom apartments for future rent and profit, as well as luxurious luxury villas for living.

Ways of real estate management

In Dubai Hills buyers can select a necessary housing unit for future permanent stay, for resale, or rent it out. In all cases the benefits are vivid.

  • Choosing a property for moving in, buyers get a high-quality apartment or a villa surrounded by advanced infrastructure and an atmosphere of luxury.
  • Buying off-plan real estate intending to resale is also a wise decision. The prices of property continue to increase and there is no chance they will fall in the near future. However, this approach may be called a long-term investment as such type of property cannot be resold immediately.
  • Constant flows of tourists and expats attracted to the neighborhood make real estate here highly profitable. Potential tenants are eager to live in one of the most popular neighborhoods of Dubai, so your apartment will never be empty.

On the whole

Real estate in Dubai Hills provides a whole list of management opportunities. Explore your desires and possibilities and contact the professional agents from The real estate agent is ready to provide any buyer with current updates in the sphere of real estate and to offer advantageous property.

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