Christmas is coming! It is time to get into a festive mood and brighten up your dorm room. There might be two problems for students with it – lack of money and time.

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DIY Christmas Decorations for Students

Paper Snowflakes

Everyone used to create those when they were a child. And they still can go strong. All you need is scissors and white paper to create lots of beautiful and unique snowflake designs.

There are plenty of drafts online. For example, you can make a snowflake baby Yoda by tracing a pattern or design your own original ideas. It is up to you.

It is also interesting to add some colors or glitter to paper decorations. In the same way, one can cut out Christmas trees, Santas, or deer. You can put these decorations on:

  • walls;
  • the desk;
  • the dorm room door;
  • windows;
  • fairy lights;
  • Christmas tree.

Although it is an easy recipe, it can add brightness to the room with white color or some shimmers.

Snow Lights

For this, you’ll need fairy light and ping-pong balls. Both of the ingredients are pretty cheap and easy to find. And combined, they can bring the holiday spirit to your life.

If you already have fairy lights in your room, it is only a plus. Use a paper knife to make small holes in ping pong balls. Put each individual ball on a light bulb, and here you go – the snow lights are ready to be hung.

Cupboard Tree

It is hard to imagine Christmas without a tree. But buying one is not cheap. And they can come in sizes that are not suitable for a dorm room. Fortunately, students can use a cupboard to create a unique tree.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Get your cupboard ready (it is better if it is without prints, but you can also paint it a festive color later);
  • To make a standing tree, trace three identical shapes on flat cupboards. Choose the size that you want and cut them out;
  • Trace a line in the middle of each three;
  • Use box butter to slice the pencil line in the middle. Be careful – you need to pierce only one side of a cupboard tree;
  • Fold each tree in half carefully;
  • Cut out two small cupboard circles;
  • Create two slits on each tree – one closer to the top and a second closer to the bottom;
  • Put circles into slits (one on top, the other on the bottom). Add two other trees the same way.

Now you have a standing cupboard tree. You can decorate it with fairy lights, paper snowflakes, ornaments, or colors. It is affordable, easy, and fast.

Wrapping Paper Wall

Students can also buy some cheap wrapping paper to decorate the room. The great idea is to use it as wallpaper to create an accent wall in your room. All you need is festive paper, painter’s tape, or Command strips.

Choose a clear wall and cover it with wrapping paper. It is going to be easy to take it down. And it will turn the dorm room into a Christmas place. Now you can watch movies with friends in this atmosphere to get into the winter holiday mood.

If using the whole wall is not an option, you can add wrap paper to small things – tissue boxes, photo frames, paper folders, or even the room door.



Another relatively cheap and creative way to make some decorations is embroidery. Even if you haven’t tried it before, there are plenty of easy patterns and designs to choose from.

Students can create wall decorations or even embroider bed sheets or pillowcases. You can look up patterns online or design your own. Some great ideas are snowflakes, presents, trees, deer, or elves.

DIY Pine Cones

If you live near the woods or have some pines in the area, it might be the right time to go on the hunt for pinecones. They are free and have great holiday decoration potential.

The easiest way to use them is just to put them around the room the way they are. With some hot glue, students can add glitter or other decorations to pinecones. You can also create compositions using them with some Christmas balls, wrapping paper, and garlands.

Custom Art Pieces

If you enjoy drawing and painting, it can be the easiest way to brighten up the dorm room for the holidays. With a canvas and some paints, one can create wall art with traditional motives. Or you can have a different approach and work on modern art pieces with classic Christmas colors. Go wild and do something great.

In Summary

Decorating a dorm room for the winter holidays is fun and exciting. Luckily for students, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. With some crafting skills and creativity, you can transform the living space into a fairy tale pretty easily.

Consider what you’ve got and what you can get for little money, and turn your dorm into a Christmas miracle. 

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