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Are you planning to get your home fitted with a new artificial turf, but having second thoughts on whether this would be a good idea? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We’re avid supporters of artificial grass and we’re here to tell you that a fake turf isn’t just easy to look after; it’s also environmentally friendly, safer for your loved ones, and capable of increasing your house’s resale value. They are no longer confined to mini-golf and sports fields. Fake grass is officially in.

Let’s dive into a few big reasons why artificial grass may offer a stronger selling point than real grass for many homeowners. 

Artificial Grass Can Increase House Value

Not at all! A well-installed artificial turf can greatly enhance curb appeal and improve the appearance of your home. As such, it can even add to the resale value of your property. Make sure to choose an artificial grass turf with good UV resistance, and one that is not prone to fading or discoloration so that your grass lawn will look attractive to visitors regardless of the season and with minimal maintenance. 

While it is true that installing synthetic turf can cost more than natural turf, high quality artificial turf can pay off in the long run. If it lasts for eight to twelve years, then it amortizes less than natural grass landscaping. Considering how artificial grass has such a low maintenance cost, it drastically reduces the amount you spend on buying or renting lawn equipment. 

It’s Safer to Play on for Kids and Animals

You won’t need any chemicals to clean and maintain artificial grass. Real grass may need to be treated by a variety of herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides just to eliminate most of the threats it may pose to our loved ones. On top of that, real grass inherently comes with allergens that may serve as a trigger for people with more sensitive dispositions. 

Make sure to buy artificial grass from companies that have passed health tests and are fully certified. This way, they can prove that their grass does not contain any harmful components like lead and heavy metals. 

It Helps Conserve Water and Save the Environment

It almost seems counterintuitive to buy fake grass when you can grow real grass instead. But with water conservation becoming a serious problem, artificial grass is one way for environmentally conscious homeowners to contribute in the fight against climate change. Artificial grass uses a lot less water than real grass, and you won’t need to get lawn mowers to keep the turf trimmed. This helps you cut down on water consumption and carbon emissions. 

Fake Grass Can Withstand Heavy and Consistent Foot Traffic

Are you the kind of homeowner who loves hosting parties, inviting friends, and just having people over in general? An artificial turf is an easy and convenient way to make sure that your home stays welcoming for anybody who visits, even the guests who drop by unannounced. You can fully focus on entertaining them and busting out the snacks without worrying about a run-down, unkempt lawn.

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