When buying your dream home, you will likely have some ideas in mind already for how you want to decorate your space. New build homes are available in a variety of locations across the country and are increasing in popularity, particularly with first-time buyers. 

The best thing about new-build homes is they are essentially a blank canvas, meaning you are free to show off your style and personality however you see fit. These improvements are also typically more affordable as you don’t need to make any major changes like you would in older homes.

So, let’s take a look at some of the top ways you can personalise your new-build property and feel right at home in no time.

Make a statement

What better to make a room in the house stand out than a statement piece? Essentially, this is an item that is going to catch the attention of anyone who steps foot in your home. 

Furniture is one of the easiest ways to add a statement piece to your living space. Aim for a sofa with a bold colour or print but make sure that this matches the colour scheme of the room. You can also add a large, textured rug under your coffee table.

Another great idea for a statement piece is some type of artwork. Note that there should only be one standout item, so this painting must be more extravagant than the rest. Try to opt for a large watercolour piece and place it on the top of your fireplace. Warm colours work well, particularly in rooms with a neutral colour palette.

Colour of the interior

You may wish to change the colour of the inside of your home if it doesn’t suit your preference. Depending on when you moved in, ensure that the building materials have properly dried first before adding wallpaper or a fresh lick of paint.

When it comes to the colour, try to broaden your horizons but opt for something that won’t date. You can never go wrong with neutral colours like grey, brown, taupe or cream. Even a dark navy or emerald wall in the home can add a signature splash of colour.

Just try to avoid any current trends; you’ll likely change your mind in the future and find yourself repainting your home.

Design your dream garden

The outdoor space of new builds is usually fairly basic but this presents the opportunity to do whatever you want. Gone are the days of worrying about an unkept garden; instead, you can build a patio with some garden future, which will be perfect for relaxing when the climate gets warmer. You can also add some plants around the edges of the garden if the soil allows it or get some potted plants instead.

Lack of privacy can sometimes be an issue with new builds but this can be overcome with a high fence or tall trees. Just make sure that you are allowed to do so first.

Final touches

No home is complete without a few small touches to make it more welcoming and lively. This could be anything from small photo frames of the family or some potted plants. Leaving your home bare, particularly in a property that has never been lived in before, can make it feel cold – so make it as cosy as you can.

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