Can’t miss rug trends take over in 2023 for fresher look2

Set the tone of the homes in 2023 by presenting rugs with qualified colors, textures, shapes, and materials. Look up the ideas below to make your home new in the new year.

Can’t miss rug trends take over in 2023 for fresher look1

Distressed Antique Aesthetic Rug For Kitchen

Distressed antique aesthetic rug for kitchen Can’t Miss Rug Trends Take Over In 2023 For Fresher Look


Turkish and Persian still become the favorite choices of vintage rugs. They are loved through a natural patina over the years full of history and beauty. Presenting the distressed antique aesthetic rug like this will create a simple clean foundation with a perfectly imperfect pattern. Besides, this kind of rug in 2023 will bring a little character and visual interest without overpowering the space.

Irregular Shape Rugs

Irregular shape rugs Can’t Miss Rug Trends Take Over In 2023 For Fresher Look


Rugs with irregular shapes are forecasted to be huge in 2023. Because it will bring a new touch to the room with a unique shape compared to the existing rugs before. The irregular shape rugs will offer versatility and aesthetics even for longtime use. Their choices are curvaceous shapes, more angular, and an eclectically-shaped design that will come to the forefront. They will introduce interesting forms to upgrade the room’s look.

Shaggy Pile Length Rugs

Shag is expected again in 2023 to give a tactile delight to the spaces. A shaggy rug will be great for living room rugs to provide a wonderful soft underfoot and a luxurious feel to the home interiors. Besides, this rug will be a statement with no signs of wavering. The texture wise brings a 70s trend aesthetic for a nostalgic feeling.

Layered Rugs

The rug layering idea remains one of the big rug trends going forward next year. Layering rugs with different shapes and colors are ensuring to mix of textures and helps zone spaces. Rugs with their color and shape will help to unify and frame the various furniture pieces and create a large open space on a more human scale. As you see in the picture, this room uses one large tufted rug for the sectional seating area while it uses painted leather for a more intimate reading corner. The changing shape and texture show a clear delineation between public and private without too physical divider.

Natural Fibers

Natural fiber rugs will offer you a timeless appeal that is smart for the environment and layering decorating technique. This rug is still trending toward an earth-tone home style with its bold texture like jute, sisal, and wool.

Vibrant Combination

A vibrant combination of the rugs will create a standout presentation for your space. It will show us fresher hues for a fresher look. The other combination like fruity colors of lime yellow, green, and beetroot purple, will work as beautifully as this.

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