Delightful ways to make your home smell nice every time2

Making your home smell nice is fundamental. The smell of home will contribute to determining whether people will stay longer or not in space.

Delightful ways to make your home smell nice every time1

Fill Home With Herbs

Fill home with herbs Delightful Ways To Make Your Home Smell Nice Every Time


Smelling nice in the kitchen may be hard as you battle the cooking odors. Besides, you need also to avoid floral or perfumed scents that may interfere with the taste of your food. Therefore, fresh herbs will be the best solution to have an acceptable smell in the kitchen. You may fill vases with fresh herbs like mint, rosemary, or sage. It will be easier when you have a herb garden as it become an inexpensive way to make your kitchen smell nice. On the other hand, you can also try growing herbs indoors to give a beautiful fragrance and plant oxygen-producing qualities to mitigate bad odors.

Deodorize Your Kitchen After Cooking

Deodorize your kitchen after cooking Delightful Ways To Make Your Home Smell Nice Every Time


There is a quick and easy hack to throw away the smell of fish, garlic, and onion with vinegar, baking soda, coffee, and lemon. To erase garlic and onion smells, you may freshly brew coffee. Meanwhile for fish odors, set a bowl of white vinegar in the kitchen overnight then the acetic acid will deodorize the room. Meanwhile, when your microwave is smelly, you may fill a glass bowl with water and squeeze of half a lemon or orange inside. It will leave a beautiful fragrance after. Last, an open tub of baking soda in the fridge will keep food smells to a minimum.

Clean The Light Bulbs

Cleaning the light bulbs is an underrated way to keep your kitchen smelling nice. It is important since light bulbs attract grease like any other surface in the kitchen. Do a quick wipe to remove grease and keep the space smelling fresh all time.

Soap In Boot Room Or Shoe Cupboard

The boot or shoe room may have bad odors. Therefore, dropping a bar of soap into each shoe will be a great choice to make it smell nice. After that leave it overnight. Here soap will kill bacteria and can absorb the smell. Make sure the soap is dry before you use it in your shoe.

Choose Natural Essential Oils Compare To Artificial Fragrances

You have to prioritize natural essential oils compare to artificial fragrances for the sake of your family’s health. Many scented candles contain toxins or paraffin that potentially damage our health moreover if any member of your family is suffering from respiratory issues like asthma. You may go with natural candles that are made from soy wax and essential oils.

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