The year 2023 is here. As the new comes in and the old steps aside, those of us with the most fashionable sensibilities have our eyes on the lookout for new trends. For example, a custom pillow maker might know something about new pillow trends. Let’s have a look at some styles expected to make a trending impact for 2023.


Organic colored pillows will set the tone in 2023. The grounding effects of the organic color palette will give consistency to rooms set up for simplicity. Earth tones bring us out of the clouds, and into the realm of the practical and present. With this color palette, pillows in 2023 will carry on the spirit of some of the minimalist trends of last year. 

Pillows in beige, tan, brown, and dark brown indicate security and simplicity. No gimmicks or parlor tricks to speak of here. Only the feel of the earth and the smell of nature in your mind when you relax upon them to enjoy a rest


Speaking of grounding, how about this next entry? Floor pillows are trending in 2023. This aligns with casual, uncluttered, simple lifestyle-oriented pleasures. Sitting on the floor is a great way to relax and realign. This is especially true for interiors with wooden floors or large area rugs. 

Mixed Textures

This trend takes the best of both worlds and mixes them together. If a shag pillow and a silk pillow had a baby pillow, the baby pillow would have both shag and silk qualities. 

This 2023 trend taps into the more avant-garde sensibilities of interior decorating. Bold, gaudy, and bright motifs have been out of fashion for some time now. So this mixed texture pillow idea services the more risk-embracing side of interior design.

Custom Designs

Custom pillow designs are going to be hot in 2023. It’s so much easier to achieve this feat of customization now compared to the past. Now is the time for those who want to have a whole series of custom-designed pillows to see their vision come to pass. Whether it’s drawings that the kids displayed on the pillows or images you found online, 2023 is the year that it happens.

Personalization adds a sense of character that usually only serious designers get to showcase. You can customize a whole set or just a couple of pillows. When you do, you’re taking interior design to a whole new level. Be sure to add the customized results to your design portfolio.


Linen pillows will bring the casual and classic spirit for 2023. Linen pairs well with the organic color palette and the minimalist design approach. There is no opulence here to speak of—just good, old-fashioned, timeless, and confident simplicity. Grandma would be beside herself with excitement. 

Continuing with the theme of trend blending for 2023, linen pillows are great for having customized messages or images printed on them. How about a picture of Fluffy the Cat in linen? What about a saying that our late grandmother once uttered? The linen pillow is the pillow for fun, simplicity, affordability, and bringing out feelings of comfort and relaxation.

Shape Play

ADHD and Type-B people will love this trend. 2023 will bring us mixing and matching pillow shapes. Square, rectangle, cylindrical, and noodle-shaped pillows can all work together in the same space. The call of rebellion is alive in decorative pillow trends for 2023, and it’s telling you to abandon uniformity and embrace variance. 

Now don’t go getting too excited. This doesn’t mean that we’re throwing uniformity out of the window. The trend isn’t to have a tacky set of mismatched pillows in your living room. Matching sets will come in different shapes and sizes. It’s as simple as that. 

Soft Florals

2023 will see the soft floral style making an impact on home decor. This motif mixes well with the trending linen and organics. Soft florals give that classy, soothing feeling associated with the outdoors. Images of dandelions, willow trees, sunflowers, and vines will keep the feeling of nature alive and well in the home. Expressiveness and simplicity are coming together in 2023

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