How to protect your outdoor furniture during winter2

When winter is coming let’s prepare to face the cold weather. Whether preparing your home decoration or creating warm impression. However, maybe you forget to pay attention to your furniture, especially outdoor furniture. Both in your terrace or patio. Sometimes, outdoor furniture is often neglected when the seasons change. During the winter months, outdoor furniture is exposed to harsh weather conditions. This can cause damage, so it’s important to take the proper precautions. It is intended that your outdoor furniture lasts for years to come. In protecting your furniture, there are several things that you should pay attention to. You have to adjust it to the type of material for your outdoor furniture. Because each material has a different character and treatment.

One of the simplest ways to keep your patio furniture looking good is to get it winterized. The best way to go about preparing your outdoor furnishings for the upcoming winter is to clean them thoroughly. This will not only help to remove dirt and debris, it will also protect your furniture from mildew. In addition, a thorough cleaning will also help to reduce mold, which is another potential problem that can affect your outdoor furniture. In addition, you should also protect your fabric with a sealant. You can also treat your cushions with waterproofing spray. Another way, you can store your pillows inside the storage bench. For your wood and iron furniture, you can varnish them on the surface. During the winter, you should store your outdoor furniture in a dry area, such as in your garage, basement, or attic. Some of the easiest methods for protecting your furniture are to cover it with a tarp. It will keep away your outdoor furniture from frost. For another idea, here are some ideas for you.

How to protect your outdoor furniture during winter1

Place on a Protected Terrace

1 snapinsta.app_1080_150692772_435219201234675_4374330937258004469_nThe idea of protecting outdoor furniture on this one is very simple but will never fail. Here you only need to place your outdoor furniture on the terrace which is equipped with a roof so that it will make it safer. With this idea, your furniture will stay safe and protected from all kinds of weather, such as rainstorms, heat and snow. You will never fail to apply this one outdoor furniture protection idea. Place on a Protected Terrace from @shady_pines3interiors.

Painted Furniture

2 snapinsta.app_1080_49907281_297325707640256_3968303004748865838_n

Coating furniture with paint is an outdoor furniture protection idea that you can try. At this time, you can use a paint that can coat wood or bamboo furniture to reduce moisture so it lasts longer into the coming winter. Apart from that, this outdoor furniture protection idea will also make your furniture look more beautiful, elegant and stay safe in the outdoor area. Painted Furniture  from @mygeorgiancolonial.

Store Inside the Storage Bench

3 snapinsta.app_1080_294101566_577620090488070_1045092230784399464_n

Take a look at this one outdoor furniture protection idea. Pretty simple, right? Here you only need to use the bench store. You can put pillows, bench pads, and blankets into this bench storage as an effort to protect your outdoor furniture. You can place this bench storage on top of the deck so that it will be protected from spilled water or melted snow. Bench Storage from @honeycando.

Waterproof Furniture Protection Cover

4 snapinsta.app_1080_160715334_219096149906817_2329712443946833388_n

Do you have outdoor furniture? If so, protect your outdoor furniture all year round to keep it safe and durable. You can use one type of waterproof outdoor furniture cover so it is perfect for protecting your winter outdoor furniture. This furniture protector will work well to protect your furniture, from dust, water, heat and even snowfall. This one outdoor furniture protection idea will never fail to try. Waterproof Furniture Protection Cover from

Place on a Protected Patio

5 snapinsta.app_1080_301977546_3240865706125276_6411193550258570194_n

Protect your outdoor so that it lasts longer and looks comfortable. Currently you can place sofas, coffee tables, and chairs under the patio so that it will make it more secure. This way your furniture will be protected from snowfall in winter, rainwater in the rainy season, dust and other debris. However, this furniture can still be used fully according to their respective functions. Place on a Protected Patio from @sensumoutdoorliving.

Add Chair Covers

6 snapinsta.app_1080_280110108_726376178799101_3729516585553275858_n

You can use a chair cover as an effort to protect your outdoor furniture. Here you can use a chair cover that is waterproof to make it safer in winter and rainy season. With this chair cover, your chair will also look more beautiful and more elegant. Apply this outdoor furniture protection idea to winter outdoor decor. Add Chair Covers from @jamescraigfurn.

Place on a Protected Igloo

7 snapinsta.app_1080_313900950_655559672678587_7939803534599615454_n

To keep your outdoor furniture safe, here you can place it in the shade of an igloo. Besides being protected from all weather, this protection idea will also make your outdoor furniture function properly in any weather. Decorated with string lights will make it prettier and more festive this winter. Place on a Protected Igloo from @vintryandmercer.

Tarp Furniture Cover


Look at the picture above! The idea of protecting outdoor furniture is using a tarp furniture cover so it will make it look tidier. Besides that, this furniture protection mode will keep your furniture durable and safe against water and snow. It will also keep your furniture safe from rust. Tarp Furniture Cover from @hooked.bags.

Coated with Varnish

8 snapinsta.app_1080_13118307_511108372409441_678476974_n

Don’t you like the outdoor atmosphere? Therefore you have to protect your furniture to keep it safe and comfortable. Here you can coat your wooden furniture with varnish so that it will make it resistant to termites and easier to clean. Apart from that, this one furniture protection idea also succeeds in making your furniture look more beautiful. Coated with Varnish from @sikkensaustralia.

Coat it with Opaque Oil

2 snapinsta.app_1080_79526307_525637098039197_7371154067474562203_n

A simple way you can do for outdoor furniture protection ideas is to coat it using opaque oil. It’s quite simple. Here you only need to apply opaque oil using a brush to cover all surfaces of the furniture so that it is safer from insects. Apart from protecting furniture, this method can also make it look more beautiful and attractive. Coat it with Opaque Oil from @v33_officiel.

Place on Folding Arm Awning

3 snapinsta.app_1080_248459138_398902581789176_6437062554380861053_n

Protect your outdoor furniture so that it stays safe and lasts all year long. You can place your table and chairs under the floating arm awning so that it will make it more secure. The idea of protecting outdoor furniture on this one is quite easy to do and can be accessed perfectly. Place on Folding Arm Awning from @interiorsbyriveresque.

Place on a Protected Umbrella


There are many ways you can try to protect your outdoor furniture. Adding an umbrella is the perfect idea. Then you can place your outdoor furniture under the protection of an umbrella so that it will protect it from rain and even snowfall. In addition, you can also clean it by wiping it for a certain period of time so that it lasts longer. Place on a Protected Umbrella from @middleburyfurniture.

Cover Fireplace with Galvanized

4 snapinsta.app_1080_130566958_452836426111091_2742509881902405239_n

You can protect your outdoor firepit by adding a cover. Nowadays you can use galvanize to cover your fireplace so it will work perfectly. This Galvanize fireplace cover will protect your fireplace from anything, including water and dust and even blunt objects. These outdoor furniture protection ideas are perfect to try. Cover Fireplace with Galvanized from @raisingwildkeikis.

Daybed Cover


Protecting the day bed with a cover will make it safer and last longer. Currently, you can use a day bed cover that is waterproof so it is resistant to water and snow and keeps your furniture durable until the coming winter. This protection idea is pretty easy to pull off but is perfect in winter. Daybed Cover from @tsilfidis_upholstery.

Swing Cover


Protect your outdoor swing to keep it durable and long lasting. Currently, using a swing cover is the right choice. You can choose a swing cover that is water resistant, so it will keep your swing safe from snow and water. This one swing protection idea is very easy to do and keeps your furniture safe and durable. Swing Cover from @kodamazomes.

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