How to store of cleaning tools at home2

Cleaning tools are a necessary part of maintaining a clean and tidy home. And of course, it’s not only one. You will need some tools to clean your house. Starting from the broom, duster, mop, vacuum cleaner, and even its dust bag. Now, with so many cleaning tools in your home, it’s very important to store them properly. Maybe you need a separate place to store your cleaning tools. And when it comes to keeping them in good condition, there are some simple steps you can follow. You can install wall mount storage ideas to store your cleaning tools. Whether installing hooks or wall mounted holders. This kind of storage is easy to install and can be installed anywhere. Next, you can organize them on wire shelves. It’s an easy way to store a variety of items. Another way, you can store your cleaning tools inside the cabinet. A sleek freestanding cabinet is all you need. You can store cleaning tools there as well as cleaning supplies. Even the space behind the door can used to store some cleaning tools. All you have to do is just installing some hooks or holder. Moreover, if you still wondering on how to store your cleaning tools, take a look at these ideas below.

How to store of cleaning tools at home1

Wall Mount Storage


Don’t let the cleaning tools you have at home scatter and fall apart. Prepare proper storage for its existence. For example, you can take advantage of the wall by adding a wooden shelf that is perfected with a hook so that you can hang some of the cleaning tools that you have in a neat arrangement. Wall Mount Storage from @fullcircle

Cleaning Tools Room beside Laundry Room


Take advantage of the empty space in your home as a special area for storing cleaning tools at home. Now you can take advantage of the room next to the laundry room by adding open storage on the empty wall. This is the easiest way that you can do yourself for organizing tools in the right order, you can easily do it yourself. Cleaning Tools Room beside Laundry Room from

Efficiently Cleaning Tools Storage


A wooden plank attached to this part of the wall is equipped with a hook, making it easier for you to store all the cleaning tools in your home. The appearance is quite simple and the installation is also easier. Here you can hang brooms, feather dusters and several floor brushes that have a variety of different sizes. Wall Mounted Tools Storage from @detailsjordan

Use Behind the Door


Who would have thought that the door to a room in your house could be used as the best storage idea for the goods or tools you have. Yes, what you can do now is install and hang a large number of metal hooks and of course not too close. Just arrange all of this storage vertically for a more eye-catching look and not interfere with your activities while in this room. CBehind the Dood Organization from @detailsjordan

Get Creative Hook Storage


The pull-out hook design on this wall is one of the best organizers that you can try to organize all the cleaning tools you have at home. Just choose and use a hook with stainless steel material so that it is more sturdy and does not rust easily when used for a long time. Push the pull-out section back after use to make it more hidden and less cluttered in your home. Stainless Steel Hook Organize from @home.orga

Hidden Cabinet Storage


A modern cabinet with an attractive color is used as a place to store all the cleaning tools in your home. Make sure you keep all of this equipment clean. The storage that is implemented in this cabinet is a hidden hook with quite a lot. Push and pull the cabinet when using or storing cleaning tools. Hidden Cleaning Tools Cabinet from @home.orga

Utility Closet for Tools Cabinet


The vertical design of the cabinet at the very corner becomes a special area to provide a storage area for your cleaning tools. In this cabinet you can also store all cleaning fluids so that it will minimize clutter in the kitchen area. Arrange all of this storage vertically according to the cabinet design used. Utility Closet for Tools Cabinet from @home.orga

Built-in Hook Organize Shelves


An open storage that is attached to the wall is very multifunctional. Why so ? Because besides being able to store cleaning tools, you can also store detergent, soap and small towels that you have. The appearance of this open storage is very minimalist with a neutral colored finish, the sturdy shoulders are able to accommodate all the tools and bathroom fittings you have. Built-in Hook Organize Shelves from @beach_bum_diaries

DIY Wooden Hook Shelves


A DIY wooden hook that is attached to the corner of this room will be a new storage that you can make the best use of. This DIY shelf can be installed at a height that can be adjusted according to your comfort. In this way, the corner of your house will function better and optimally, you can try it using natural wood as the main ingredient. DIY Wooden Hook Shelves from @gia_nest_

Small Space Storage


No need to worry when you have a small house. Do your best to store all your items including cleaning tools which have quite a lot. In this small room you can install a reclaimed wood shelf which is equipped with a hook as well so that it becomes an open storage idea that is recommended for you. Small Space Storage from @shoko_garden

Wall Mounted Moop and Broom Holder


Sweep and mop will never be messy when you have prepared a special area to organize all the cleaning tools. The wall is always the right choice that you can use, just install a few holders to attach your cleaning tools vertically. To installl this holder you can drill the wall. Wall Mounted Moop and Broom Holder from @toritheorganizer

Holder Tools and Open Rack at the Corner


This corner of a room with limited space can still be used as a storage area when you use the right storage. This standing iron open shelf with several arrangements can be used as a whole to store all of your equipment. As for the wall, you can install several holders that can be adjusted according to the number of cleaning tools you have. Corner Rack Storage from @organizingspacesbykim

Use Between Rooms Organize


A small room flanked by both sides of this cabinet can still be used as a storage place for all your cleaning tools. Here you can include brooms and mops so that they are more hidden and certainly don’t display clutter in your kitchen decor. Meanwhile, the cabinet right next to it can be used to store all your tissues and detergent. Use Between Rooms Organize from @home.orga

Cleaning Tools Holder On the side of the Cabinet


Take advantage of the side of the cabinet as an open storage idea for all the tools in your home. Just attach a hook that has an S shape and of course with selected materials such as iron to make it more sturdy too. Just attach the S hook section using a strong tape so it doesn’t come off easily when used for a long time. Cleaning Tools Holder On the side of the Cabinet from @home.orga

Standing Wooden Cabinet Organize


These two high enough cabinets can be used to store all cleaning tools closed. Have two cabinets of the same size to be placed together at a short distance. The type of tool that you can store here is a vacuum cleaner. Standing Wooden Cabinet Organize from @home.orga

Wall Kitchen Organize Ideas


There’s nothing wrong with using the kitchen wall as an open storage idea for the cleaning tools you have at home. Just hang a few so it doesn’t look cluttered. The wall organizer material used is wood so that it has a color harmony with the use of the floor kitchen which will blend in perfectly. Wall Kitchen Organize Ideas from @home__stead

Tools Holder Adjacent to Shelves


Take a look at the cleaning tool holders that are hung close to these floating shelves, isn’t that a new inspiration to try? Yes, this decoration is intended so that all organizers are more glued to the same room. In this way you can take tools, mops and other complementary tools such as soap and detergent at the same time. Tools Holder adjacent to Floating Shelves from

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